Alex’s 6 month well-baby visit

Zach and I took Alex to his 6 month check-up with the pediatrician today. He is a healthy baby boy:

17 pounds 12 ounces

27.75 inches tall

He is no longer in the 97th percentile for height (now in the 90th) but is still in the 50th percentile for weight. In other words, he got chunkier. The Dr. commented on his alertness, how he is clearly glued to your every word, soaking it all in. I thought that was normal, but maybe it just means Alex is going to be smart (hooray!).

His 6 month vaccines were the same as the 2- and 4-month vaccines, and were equally horrible. As the nurse sticks three needles into his thighs (one in the left thigh and then two into the right thigh) his eyes well up, he starts wimpering, looks me in the eyes, clearly knowing that I am doing nothing to stop this torture, and wails. It is really heart breaking. Hopefully this time he wont have as bad of a reaction as he did after his 4-month visit. His fever got up to just under 103 degrees after his last visit, so this time we waged a preemptive attack on the fever by giving him some infant tylenol.

Here is a picture of his post-Dr.-visit self, complete with a Daffy Duck band aid on his poor little thigh:


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  1. Which vaccines did he get? Yikes, with a fever like that I’m surprised they continued with all 3 vaccines. Poor boy!

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