Flank Steak + Rosemary Potatoes

Tonight I made a delicious meal, consisting of broiled Flank Steak marinated in olive oil, salt, pepper, paprika and garlic, and roasted red potatoes coated in olive oil, salt, pepper, lots of garlic and rosemary. Unbelievably tasty meal, especially considering how easy it is.

Check it out (this picture is from the last time I made it):


I really enjoy trying new recipes, and have recently become a regular cook. I make us dinner about 4 nights a week–the other three nights we are either eating out or making something simple (i.e. frozen pizza) because of my night class schedule–and will probably increase that to 6 once we move to California.

With all of this cooking, though, our grocery bill has increased two- or three-fold. I came across The Grocery Game, which claims to lower (drastically) your grocery bill through a posted list of sales and your own gathering of coupons. This site gives you a list of items on sale at your local grocery store (in my case Giant Eagle) and tells you how much money, percentage-wise, you can save on the individual items.

People on this site spend a very, very, small fraction of what we are spending every week, often with multiple children, so I’m tempted to believe that it really works. I haven’t actually tried it, yet, and probably wont be able to really get into it until we move to California based on the fact that the point is to stock up on items while they are on sale and, according to the website, it takes about 3 months to stock up properly.

The site also includes lists to local drug stores, such as CVS and Walgreens, so you can get extremely discounted prices (sometimes free, it seems!) on beauty items and house hold goods that you don’t tend to purchase at a grocery store.

I hope to lower the amount we spend on groceries to half of what we are paying now. I’ll let you know how that goes once we are in California and I can start really trying The Grocery Game!