Sunny Florida

I’m in North Fort Myers, Florida, basking in the 85 degree sun on my MacBook. Brilliant.

My mother, Alex, and I flew Southwest into Tampa yesterday. After the lovely news about Southwest, it wasn’t exactly a flight I was looking forward to; however, it went extremely well. Alex slept for all but take off, twenty minutes while I was getting him to sleep after we reached altitude, and landing. He was excellent! I love being able to take a baby on the plane and have everyone compliment him as we land.

What most people seem to not understand, I’ve come to realize, is why babies cry on planes. Sure, babies do cry for reasons other than this, but as far as I know this explains the inconsolable baby on a plane:

Their poor ears hurt as the pressure changes! I know that my ears will “pop” as we take off and land, but I know how to respond to that: swallowing. Babies do not know that they need to do that, so you just have to make them do it!

Of course, I’m amazingly lucky to have such a well behaved baby, but feeding him on take off and landing seems to erase any pain that could amount from the change in cabin pressure.