Tomato Soup FTW!

I made some tomato soup (from scratch) the other day that is just incredible. I very loosely followed this tomato soup recipe, but mostly I just followed the length of time you are supposed to let the tomatoes simmer.

I didn’t have a strainer, so it wasn’t quite as smooth as, say, the Cambell’s variety. The tomatoes I used also weren’t particularly great, so the flavor was not quite as “tomato-ee” as I would have liked.

All the same, it was good! I will definitely make it again, as it ended up being 5 (big!) bowls of soup, and wasn’t nearly as much work as I thought it was going to be.

Here is the finished project:


And our delicious meal of grilled cheese with ham, mayonnaise and mustard, and, of course, the soup!:


The bread I used to make the grilled cheese, by the way, was a recipe fromEmily and was absolutely delicious! She posted the recipe here, and I used half whole wheat and half bread flour, but no spices. It ended up being a really nice, versatile, bread!