Happy 7-Month Birthday, Alex!

Today marks Alex’s 7-month birthday! I cannot believe that he has been in my life for 7 months. On the one hand, it feels like he just got here yesterday. The fact that I’ve been a mom for 7 months is weird. On the other hand, it feels like he has been around forever. I can’t even remember my life without him.

Here he is at the hospital, a chunky big baby (he will not get this chunky again! He dropped to below 9 pounds, from 9.12 at birth, during his hospital stay, was 9 pounds the day he left the hospital, and even though he gained weight well throughout the next months (12.1 at 2 months, 15.5 at 4 months and 17.12 at 6 months) he just grew too tall (21 at birth, 24 at 2 months, 27 at 4 months and 28 at 6 months) and became a relatively thin baby boy):


Here he is smiling, at 3 weeks old:


Here he is smiling again, at 6 months old, looking like a real person (sometimes I am shocked at how person-like he is. He went from being this weird fish thing in my belly, to a newborn-human (which, we all know, is not a real human!), to this…little person):


The day he was born I thought he was the most beautiful baby in the world. Looking at him today, I still do. What can I say? I’m his mom, and I have never met a mom who didn’t think that their baby was the most beautiful baby in the world. It’s true, every baby is the most beautiful baby in the world. (Mine in particular! ;))

He’s taking a nap right now, after a really rough night. He has been typically not waking up more than once during the night (nurse, rock, put back to down in under 25 minutes), but last night he woke up not once, not twice, not three times, but four times. I had to wake Zach up at one point because I was having such a hard time getting him back down (I was up with him for about an hour and half, going through our usual process but not succeeding).

Needless to say, I am very proud of my little man. He smiles, laughs, baby-talks, stands for long periods of time holding on to something, sits, and crawls. And some part of me just *knows* that he will be walking soon. That part of me is probably the part that notices that most of the time when he is “crawling” he really is walking with his hands on the floor!

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  1. Gorgeous photos and it is true that every mum has the most beautiful baby in the world. I remember not understanding this concept at all until I had my own beautiful babies. And they are still beautiful even when they deprive us of our sleep!

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