Because who doesn’t want to see more Alex?

I took some cute pictures and a video of Alex tonight, and feel the need to share:

He’s crawling so well, now! He doesn’t like to crawl “on demand” but will crawl all the way across the room in a second flat if he sees something he isn’t supposed to touch and I turn my back for one second. I am constantly running after him now! Even when I am actively watching him he manages to get into things he shouldn’t!


I said this in a previous post, but I still am shocked at how much of a little person he has become over the last few weeks. When I interact with him now, it’s real. He’s there, and he is clearly starting to understand more about the world around him. When I bang on the table, he bangs on the table. When I stick my tongue out and blow, he sticks his tongue out and blows. He giggles before you tickle him because he can see your hand coming in to touch his belly. He smiles when you walk in the room, and talks to you when you are walking away.

He’s wonderful, even if he is a pain in the butt to get to sleep!