Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?

I’m talking about the “Please-Thank-You-Ma’am-You’re-Welcome-Good-Mornin’-Holding-The-Door-Offering-Help” type of Cowboy, here. Not this type of cowboy. Photobucket

So, where have they gone? Where have the considerate people gone? How hard is it to say “please” and “thank you?” How hard is it to hold the door when someone is directly behind you? How hard is it to not jump in front of someone in line? How hard is it to not offer unsolicited advice? How hard is it to not get in a strangers face? How hard is it to apologize when you bump into someone?

To you: four guys in a beat-up old car driving 50 miles per hour down a residential street. Thanks for taking the time to consider the fact that there are children who live on this street. Thanks for considering the fact that they could at any moment run into the street, or that their basketball could roll away from them, or a pet could decide to walk away. Thanks for being so courteous as to almost hit a soccer-mom as she backed out of her driveway, with four children in the minivan, not expecting someone to be driving down her quiet residential street like they are on the highway. But mostly, thanks for honking your horn three times as you drove by me. I love it when someone honks at me, making my skin jump off of my body just in time to join my stomach behind me. I love knowing that you took the time to notice me.

To you: the one who does not know how to say “thank you.” When I saw you coming from across the way, I recognized that you lived in the same building. I saw that you were carrying two grocery bags, and thought about how difficult it is to unlock and open a door with your hands full. So, I held the door. You slowly made your way up to the door, bumped into me, and walked through the door. It’s okay, because my job is to hold the door for you. I understand that you went out of your way to walk through the door that I was holding. And the bruise on my left arm? No worries! You didn’t apologize for running into me so it wasn’t a big deal at all.

To you: short older woman who can’t follow the rules. Thank you for being so considerate as to ignore the four people waiting in line. We all patiently filed in, one at a time, into one line behind two open registers. This is because it goes faster when everyone waits in one line. This is because we are all courteous people. Thank you, though, for deciding that we were just being friendly lining up behind each other, and thank you for walking in front of all of us to the cashier who had just opened up her register. And, most importantly, thank you for sighing and calling me a “rude child” when I politely informed you (“Ma’am”) that there were four people in line.

To you: concierge who can’t manage a smile. I know you have a very boring job, sitting there opening the door for the elderly people in the building, among other things. So, I think it’s great that your response to “Good Morning!” with a smile on my face is a grunt and nod. I think it’s even better that when I show you my package slip left by UPS that you slide the package-signing sheet through the tiny slot for me to sign. It was also so nice of you to try to slide my package, which explicitly said “fragile” and “do not bend,” through that same tiny slot. When it wouldn’t fit, much to your surprise, it was nice of you to not bother standing up to pass it to me. Mostly, though, I want to thank you for always staring at me as I get into the elevator. It is clear that you do not like me, as I have never managed a smile from you. But it’s okay, because you stare at people and make them uncomfortable walking into their apartment building. I love feeling judged as I come home.

To Cut Or Not To Cut?

For the last few monthsfew days, I’ve really been considering giving Alex a hair cut. I have fought and fought, insisting that we wait until his first birthday. I’m not entirely sure why the one-year mark meant something, but I just want to keep that “baby hair” for as long as possible; however, I’m beginning to think it may be time for a cut.

After his nasty cold this past week (that he is still recovering from) there were boogers in his hair constantly. Talk about gross. It’s bad enough having to wipe the nose of an unhappy and squirmy baby, but having to then wipe them out of his hair was even worse. Especially if it dried. There is nothing cute about a baby with dried snot in his hair.

He was born with a ton of hair. Everyone told us he would lose it, but he didn’t. It just kept on growing and growing. And growing.

Occasionally, I’ll put his hair in a ponytail. It keeps it out of his eyes very well, but he kind of looks like a girl. And it’s hard enough to tell whether babies are boys and girls as it is, so add in a ponytail on a boy? No thanks. And don’t even get me started on the way strangers judge you for anything and everything, so I’ll just avoid the rude remarks about how I’m going to “turn him gay” or something equally absurd.

Alex with his hair in a ponytail!

Now I just have to get up the courage to either cut it myself or take him to a salon.

But his hair is just so gosh darn cute!:
Alex standing in the doorway

…maybe I’ll wait.

Sickly Baby

As I’ve mentioned now a few times, Alex has been sick. His fever is now completely gone, but the poor little guy has such a stuffy nose that he has trouble breathing. This, of course, means that he wakes up often. Over the weekend, he wouldn’t sleep anywhere but in our arms for more than a few minutes at a time. Currently, he’s sleeping in his crib, but waking up every few hours.

One thing that I have to admit, though, is how nice the cuddling was. Alex is not a cuddly baby. Not at all. He pushes off of you, attempting to grab at your face, pull your hair, play with anything and everything around you. It all stems from the fact that he hates to sleep. I mean, he really hates to sleep. I like to tell myself that his not sleeping stems from his interest in the world around him, and that he is a highly intelligent baby. He will fight sleep with every ounce of his will, often successfully. While he was sick, though, we could just hold him and he would peacefully fall asleep.

Zach and Alex took a nice nap together on the couch, and later on Alex and I slept for a while in our bed. I loved being able to just lay him down in my arms, close my eyes, and feel him nuzzling into me, slowing drifting off to sleep. No rocking, swaying, or shushing involved. Simply being held comforted him immensely.

Baby and Daddy sleeping

I love that picture of Zach and Alex, which Zach took with his iPhone. My two little men, cuddling. I hope Alex feels better soon, but I will miss the closeness of being able to hold him near and feel him falling asleep without fight.

My Weekend Was Hawt, Too

I already mentioned how Amazingly Amazing those ‘Burgh Mom bloggers are. It was the perfect way to start my wonderful weekend.

After dinner, I had a nice (seriously!) drive to the airport to pick up my closest friend, Sarah. Sarah and I went to Smith together, and fell in love the day we first grabbed a cup of coffee and talked for hours. She is kind, beautiful, sincere, hilarious and an unbelievably good friend. It had been over six months since we had last seen each other, so it was a fantastic reunion.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, Alex woke up with a pretty high fever out of nowhere on Saturday morning. He was out of it, groggy, and clearly in pain all day long. His fever stayed between 100 and 102 all day, and it was so sad to not be able to play with him. Our zoo plans were scrapped. Instead we stayed in all day, talking and catching up while Alex slept on and off. I felt awful, but with Sarah only in town for so long I let my Mother babysit him so that we could go out that evening.

Over a three hour dinner, we had a blast. We never run out of things to talk about, even if it is simply discussing what drugs we think our waitress is on, and why she keeps calling us “Lovers.” And, as always, there was not enough time in the weekend.

She left this afternoon, and we both cried. I know I’ll see her again, but with the upcoming move to California it’s hard to say how soon that will be. Not having her around is hard, immensely hard, but I’m lucky to have such an amazing friend in my life.

Even though Alex remained sickly all weekend, and successfully threw up all over me this evening before bed, it was still a wonderful few days.

Florida, two years ago

That was in Florida, about two years ago. Even though it’s not the most flattering picture of either of us (and my hair is blonde!) I can’t help but smile whenever I see it. I love that girl!

Mommy Bloggers Are Hawt

I have never met such a wonderful group of women. On Friday, May 23rd, eight wonderfully funny and amazingly beautiful blogging moms met up for dinner. Obviously, I was super nervous. Burgh Baby’s Mom threatened to kill me with sarcasm over Twitter, and I could tell that they were all far too cool for me.

Well, they were all too cool for me. In fact, you probably should just read their wonderful accounts of this evening: Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here. Seriously, they are all way funnier and better writers than I can ever aspire to be, so check ’em out!

What a wonderful evening. There was a wide array of ages and work statuses, number and ages of kids, and only one type of awesomeness (really freakin’ awesome). I shamelessly and unapologetically stole this picture from the wonderful Jen:

Shamelessly Stolen Photo

From left to right: Jen, Karen, Gina (who is beyond fantastic because not only did she share with us a story that involved a hooker, but also because she brought us a horses ass made out of chocolate!), Kim, Michelle, Yours Truly (don’t mind the triple chin and saggy belly), Irene, and Susan! Hopefully the other wonderful ‘Burgh gals can make it out next time.

I can’t wait to see all of these wonderful ladies again (hopefully soon! It’s all up to YOU!).

Still Alive

I’m still alive, but with my closest friend in town I haven’t had a spare second (until now!) to be on the internet.

So much to update, but it will have to wait until tomorrow most likely.

A quick recap of my weekend:

Amazing mommy-blogger meet up on Friday night! Wonderful women, fantastic time.
Best Friend, Sarah, arrived late Friday night.
Alex woke up at five in the morning on Saturday with a fever of 102.
He’s had a slight fever and been a bit cranky and unhappy since then. Poor thing.
Had so much fun catching up with Sarah. I just know I’m going to cry when she leaves later today.

Alex is a Weirdo

Alex is such a weird baby. He spent about 15 minutes yesterday attacking our couch. It’s leather, so I really try to stop him when he scratches it and licks it, but I just couldn’t stop watching him attack it. He was standing up facing the back of the couch, being cute and reaching for the window shade cord when all of the sudden he lunged in for the couch, making these grunting sounds, and started biting it ferociously! To top all of that off, he was gyrating into the couch, too. And smacking it. If he wasn’t, well, a human, and an 8-month old human at that, I’d say he was in heat or something.

Naturally, I took a ton of pictures and a video. It was one of the weirdest things I have ever seen him do. And he’s done a lot of weird things. This may top them all. He looked like he was trying to make out with couch (as Zach points out in the video) and he was having a great time doing it.

This poor kid has video and photographic evidence of everything he’s ever done. He’s going to be so embarrassed when he gets older. Until then, I’ll enjoy posting them here. Maybe one day he’ll appreciate it:

It was hard not to laugh hysterically throughout all of that.

Graduation, Part Two.

I can’t help but feel a little down on myself as graduation time has come and gone. May 18th should have been My Commencement. The week leading up to it should have been senior week for me: a week of no classes, performances by every group on campus, many visits to local coffee shops, and spending as much time as possible with your senior friends. I should have had to find an all white dress, which I would have had to wear with black shoes. I should have worn my cap and gown that was given to me by a friend who graduated last year. I should have had to walk in “a diploma circle,” holding some random diploma given to me during commencement that I would give to the proper person, and receiving in return from another my own diploma. I should have been there for all of the amazingly quirky traditions at Smith.

I should be able to proudly say that I have a Smith College Bachelor’s Degree!

Instead, I can say that I will have a Smith College Bachelor’s Degree, but that it took me one semester longer than originally planned. Instead, I can say that while I did not graduate on the same date as originally planned, I had the most beautiful baby in the world. Instead, I can say that I became a mother.

That is pretty great.