Don’t Trust Your Child

At least not when it comes to very important items. Such as your keys. Your apartment keys and your car key. If you decide to trust your child with aforementioned important items, make sure that when (no if here…it is inevitable!) they drop them you are not in a place where they will disappear. Where they will not be retrievable.

Such as elevator shafts.

My keys, including an apartment building key, apartment door key, mail key, car key, some store cards and a little flashlight, fell to the bottom of our elevator shaft. This happened while I was on my way out the door. So not only was I locked out of my apartment, I couldn’t even go anywhere!

Fortunately, I got my keys back thanks to a super-sneaky very nice concierge and a maintenance man, who shall both remain anonymous as they were not supposed to get my keys.

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