Project 365

I’ve been hearing about Project 365 on and off all year, but never really got what it was about. I had seen a few Facebook friends with an album called “Project 365” but for some reason didn’t make the connection that it must be a thing.

Well, I just figured it out! There is a Flickr group dedicated to this idea, and I’m thinking about joining. Even if I don’t join the group, it certainly sounds like a neat idea. More than anything else, it will make me take more pictures.

Actually, taking more pictures is not my issue. I take plenty of pictures, but they are almost all of Alex. Perhaps trying this project will make me take pictures of things other than Alex. Not that I don’t love to capture his every move and every little detail about his day to day life, but not everyone wants to see endless photos of Alex.

So, maybe I’ll start this project. Could be worthwhile, especially as something to look back on after the fact.