My Little Chef

Alex can’t wait to help out in the kitchen. Look how he adores his kitchen supplies:

Day 7

He’s got measuring cups, measuring spoons, a kitchen towel, a pot and a spatula. And he loves every one of them. Who needs baby toys? Really he doesn’t enjoy his baby toys. He’ll play with one or two for a few minutes, but he will play with kitchen supplies, towels, real cell phones, wires, trash baskets, trash, sunglasses, glasses, water bottles, etc. for much longer. You can set him down with an empty water bottle and he’ll be content to play with it for half an hour!

Funny Face

I took about five pictures, and by the fifth he was getting a little frustrated with all the flashes. I love the faces he makes, always letting you know exactly what is on his mind. Happy? Smiles and giggles. Tired? Rubbing eyes, yawning and staring. Frustrated? Little faces that say “c’mon, stop with that!”

4 thoughts on “My Little Chef

  1. I love his hair! Look at it, would you?! What a cutie.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. It was so nice meeting you!

  2. Hey – thanks for stopping by! My kids are older and they STILL get frustrated by my constant photo-taking.

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