A Few Things

1. I entered Alex into the Parents Magazine Cover Photo Contest! I put a little blurb in my side bar, so if you have the chance and agree that he is a cutie I would love it if you would take a minute (or less, really!) to check out the photos I uploaded!

2. I overheard an interested conversation yesterday while checking out at Wal-Mart. First, let me just say that I hate Wal-Mart. Probably more than most people. I haven’t stepped inside of a Wal-Mart in a long time, and had even said that I would never go into one again, but I had read that they had Muir Glen organic tomatoes on sale, and with the coupons I had it would have made them almost free. Well, I ventured into the awful place and they didn’t even have them. I bought some cereal that we needed instead, for 50 cents with a coupon.

Anyway, here was the conversation:

Cashier #1: How old is her baby?
Cashier #2: Oh he is only like 2 weeks old. He’s so cute.
Cashier #1: Aw, that’s nice. She must be so happy.
Cashier #2: Yeah. She’s really lucky too. He was breach, so she got to have a C-section.
Cashier #1: ::giggle giggle::
Cashier #2: I’m serious! I would choose to have a C-section. Why go through all that labor when you can just have ’em cut out of you? That is way easier!
Cashier #1: Yeah, that’s true.

I left at the point point, relieved that I was leaving because otherwise I would have said something. Something about how having a C-section is not easier. Something about how saying that having a C-section is easier is a ridiculous and ill-informed thing to say. Something about how the recovery for a C-section is so much longer. Something about how many women feel inadequate if they have to have a C-section and will often feel like they didn’t have a “real birth.” Something about how for the first two weeks after you can’t properly hold your baby, breast feeding is insanely hard because of the huge wound, and you need help to go to the bathroom because you can’t use any abdominal muscles to sit down by yourself. Something about how the pain medications that you will be on for the first two weeks (or more) make you really groggy and how you can’t focus because of it. Something about how you have a huge scar across your lower abdomen that will never go away. Something about the fact that your baby is more likely to have fluid in their lungs after a cesarean birth. Something about the fact that walking is hard for weeks afterwards. Something about how itchy the scar can be for a long, long, time. Something about how having a cesarean sucks. But I left.

3. I’m finally going to CVS tomorrow. I have the trip all planned out, and hopefully they will have the items I want in stock. I’m “splurging” and using most of my Extra Credit Bucks to buy diapers and wipes for Alex and some new mineral foundation for myself. I wont come out on top, but if it all works as planned I’ll come out even (spending almost nothing) and with a lot of needed stuff!

4. And, of course, here is a picture of Alex from earlier today:

Day 10

Toys are so overrated.

6 thoughts on “A Few Things

  1. A lot of people seem to think that a C-section is an easy way to have a baby. I once heard that a lot of doctors had gotten in trouble because they were scheduling unnecessary C-sections just to make the birthing process quicker and more convenient for themselves… because they could schedule it, and not have to worry about getting suddenly called to deliver a baby!

  2. Amen, sister. C-sections sucky suck SUCK. No doubt about it. There’s a reason you have to stay in the hospital for four days afterwards–because it’s major surgery. And it sucks.

    I have a whole big bag of empty water bottles if you ever run out of entertainment for the cute one!

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  4. Thank you for writing this. What you wanted to say to those two clerks mirrors what I wanted to say to someone who I thought was a friend who called me in the hospital after my two C-sections and who went off on a tangent about how she was jealous of my c, but then she felt bad because I missed out on a wonderful birthing experience. Intense pain, long recovery, throwing up all night after surgery, and being unable to properly care for my new daughter were made worse by an unfeeling friend’s comments. You said it all.

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