54 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: “Rawr!”

  1. Wonderful shot. Looks like he’s the lion equivalent of a male model. So nicely framed between the bushes and on that rock. Cool photo.

  2. Hi Allison

    It seems you have lions up for your WW post !
    Sorry but somehow they dont want to show up at my end 😦
    I suppose it is a server problem.

    Thanks for your visit to see the 4500 year old artifact.
    Do visit again.

  3. I have always thought of lions as symbols of strength, courage, and honor. Your photo captures these qualities in this magnificent creature.

  4. Is there a story behind this shot? Were you on a safari.. or at a nature center? He looks like he’s in a natural setting, I’m glad he’s not in a cage somewhere, that always makes me so sad.

  5. Very nice. Somewhere on my photoblog I have a photo of a much less animated lion. (Why are they always sleeping when I visit the zoo?)

  6. What a gorgeous shot! I’d love to see it cropped and zoomed in on his face…I’m a macro junkie, what can I say? 🙂

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your little Alex is quite the cutie! He has so much hair. Nice pic of the lion BTW. We have been trying to plan a trip to the zoo for this week but I don’t think the weather is going to cooperate. Nice to meet another Pgh mommy blogger.

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