Graduation, Part Two.

I can’t help but feel a little down on myself as graduation time has come and gone. May 18th should have been My Commencement. The week leading up to it should have been senior week for me: a week of no classes, performances by every group on campus, many visits to local coffee shops, and spending as much time as possible with your senior friends. I should have had to find an all white dress, which I would have had to wear with black shoes. I should have worn my cap and gown that was given to me by a friend who graduated last year. I should have had to walk in “a diploma circle,” holding some random diploma given to me during commencement that I would give to the proper person, and receiving in return from another my own diploma. I should have been there for all of the amazingly quirky traditions at Smith.

I should be able to proudly say that I have a Smith College Bachelor’s Degree!

Instead, I can say that I will have a Smith College Bachelor’s Degree, but that it took me one semester longer than originally planned. Instead, I can say that while I did not graduate on the same date as originally planned, I had the most beautiful baby in the world. Instead, I can say that I became a mother.

That is pretty great.

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  1. Caleb absolutely loves balloons too! I am sure that Alex is worth all of those sacrifices! He is such a cute little guy!

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