Alex is a Weirdo

Alex is such a weird baby. He spent about 15 minutes yesterday attacking our couch. It’s leather, so I really try to stop him when he scratches it and licks it, but I just couldn’t stop watching him attack it. He was standing up facing the back of the couch, being cute and reaching for the window shade cord when all of the sudden he lunged in for the couch, making these grunting sounds, and started biting it ferociously! To top all of that off, he was gyrating into the couch, too. And smacking it. If he wasn’t, well, a human, and an 8-month old human at that, I’d say he was in heat or something.

Naturally, I took a ton of pictures and a video. It was one of the weirdest things I have ever seen him do. And he’s done a lot of weird things. This may top them all. He looked like he was trying to make out with couch (as Zach points out in the video) and he was having a great time doing it.

This poor kid has video and photographic evidence of everything he’s ever done. He’s going to be so embarrassed when he gets older. Until then, I’ll enjoy posting them here. Maybe one day he’ll appreciate it:

It was hard not to laugh hysterically throughout all of that.

3 thoughts on “Alex is a Weirdo

  1. oooh, possibly teething? Maggie went through a phase where she kept trying to eat my toes. A week later she cut a tooth! So maybe he’s taking out his frustration on the couch! lol

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