Mommy Bloggers Are Hawt

I have never met such a wonderful group of women. On Friday, May 23rd, eight wonderfully funny and amazingly beautiful blogging moms met up for dinner. Obviously, I was super nervous. Burgh Baby’s Mom threatened to kill me with sarcasm over Twitter, and I could tell that they were all far too cool for me.

Well, they were all too cool for me. In fact, you probably should just read their wonderful accounts of this evening: Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here. Seriously, they are all way funnier and better writers than I can ever aspire to be, so check ’em out!

What a wonderful evening. There was a wide array of ages and work statuses, number and ages of kids, and only one type of awesomeness (really freakin’ awesome). I shamelessly and unapologetically stole this picture from the wonderful Jen:

Shamelessly Stolen Photo

From left to right: Jen, Karen, Gina (who is beyond fantastic because not only did she share with us a story that involved a hooker, but also because she brought us a horses ass made out of chocolate!), Kim, Michelle, Yours Truly (don’t mind the triple chin and saggy belly), Irene, and Susan! Hopefully the other wonderful ‘Burgh gals can make it out next time.

I can’t wait to see all of these wonderful ladies again (hopefully soon! It’s all up to YOU!).

8 thoughts on “Mommy Bloggers Are Hawt

  1. Sounds like good fun! I’ve only met up with a fellow blogger once, and I definitely enjoyed it – if I was a bit initially reluctant to meet someone who I only “knew” from the internet.

  2. Yes, it was a great get-together! Hopefully we can do again before you are off on your trek across the US of A!

  3. We are awesomely awesome, aren’t we?

    It was a blast getting to meet you and I hope you’ll be able to make the next get-together before you abandon us! (I’m working on deets for the next one now.)

  4. Thats awesome that you got to hang out with all of them! See how the Internet brings people together? I hope you all will be able to see each other on a regular basis and become good “reality” friends in addition to blog friends!

  5. You’re part of the awesome group, girl! I loved meeting you. Looking forward to getting together again, and maybe next time I’ll leave one of my chins at home.

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