My Weekend Was Hawt, Too

I already mentioned how Amazingly Amazing those ‘Burgh Mom bloggers are. It was the perfect way to start my wonderful weekend.

After dinner, I had a nice (seriously!) drive to the airport to pick up my closest friend, Sarah. Sarah and I went to Smith together, and fell in love the day we first grabbed a cup of coffee and talked for hours. She is kind, beautiful, sincere, hilarious and an unbelievably good friend. It had been over six months since we had last seen each other, so it was a fantastic reunion.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, Alex woke up with a pretty high fever out of nowhere on Saturday morning. He was out of it, groggy, and clearly in pain all day long. His fever stayed between 100 and 102 all day, and it was so sad to not be able to play with him. Our zoo plans were scrapped. Instead we stayed in all day, talking and catching up while Alex slept on and off. I felt awful, but with Sarah only in town for so long I let my Mother babysit him so that we could go out that evening.

Over a three hour dinner, we had a blast. We never run out of things to talk about, even if it is simply discussing what drugs we think our waitress is on, and why she keeps calling us “Lovers.” And, as always, there was not enough time in the weekend.

She left this afternoon, and we both cried. I know I’ll see her again, but with the upcoming move to California it’s hard to say how soon that will be. Not having her around is hard, immensely hard, but I’m lucky to have such an amazing friend in my life.

Even though Alex remained sickly all weekend, and successfully threw up all over me this evening before bed, it was still a wonderful few days.

Florida, two years ago

That was in Florida, about two years ago. Even though it’s not the most flattering picture of either of us (and my hair is blonde!) I can’t help but smile whenever I see it. I love that girl!

3 thoughts on “My Weekend Was Hawt, Too

  1. Rock on with your bad self! That’s one heck of a hawt weekend.

    BTW, I think I like the blond. I like your hair now better, but I do dig the blond.

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! I have a friend who lives pretty far away and we keep threatening to get together, but so far we haven’t been aboe to swing it. Also – you should wear that hat to the next burgh mom meet.

  3. How nice you got to spend time with your friend. Many of my friends live far away, but they are my lifeline. I hope Alex is feeling a bit better, too. that is so tough when they are little and can’t tell you what’s wrong…or blow their nose. Ugh.

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