32 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: “I may be sick, but I’m STILL getting that camera!”

  1. Illness be damned! I love the look on his face. I hope good health returns to your house soon, Allison!

  2. AWWWWWWWW sickness? Sinus or flu?

    Get well


    Try to solve the guessing game on my Wordless Wednesday!

  3. I hit the button to submit and got some weird error so I’m trying it again.

    What is it with kids and cameras? My little guy is always reaching for mine.

    Great pajamas. Where’d you get ’em?

  4. He’s so precious! My son has another ear infection. Ugh.

    My WW is up, it’s a funny picture of my husband in Iraq! 12 weeks down, 53 to go! Almost to the one year mark!

  5. Oh no, sorry to here about the sickness.. hope all is feeling better soon..
    even sick that is one cute photo
    Happy WW

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