Sickly Baby

As I’ve mentioned now a few times, Alex has been sick. His fever is now completely gone, but the poor little guy has such a stuffy nose that he has trouble breathing. This, of course, means that he wakes up often. Over the weekend, he wouldn’t sleep anywhere but in our arms for more than a few minutes at a time. Currently, he’s sleeping in his crib, but waking up every few hours.

One thing that I have to admit, though, is how nice the cuddling was. Alex is not a cuddly baby. Not at all. He pushes off of you, attempting to grab at your face, pull your hair, play with anything and everything around you. It all stems from the fact that he hates to sleep. I mean, he really hates to sleep. I like to tell myself that his not sleeping stems from his interest in the world around him, and that he is a highly intelligent baby. He will fight sleep with every ounce of his will, often successfully. While he was sick, though, we could just hold him and he would peacefully fall asleep.

Zach and Alex took a nice nap together on the couch, and later on Alex and I slept for a while in our bed. I loved being able to just lay him down in my arms, close my eyes, and feel him nuzzling into me, slowing drifting off to sleep. No rocking, swaying, or shushing involved. Simply being held comforted him immensely.

Baby and Daddy sleeping

I love that picture of Zach and Alex, which Zach took with his iPhone. My two little men, cuddling. I hope Alex feels better soon, but I will miss the closeness of being able to hold him near and feel him falling asleep without fight.

9 thoughts on “Sickly Baby

  1. A sick baby is the most heartbreaking thing on the planet. Especially when they really truly want to run around and play but are just unable.

    It’s even worse when they start talking and say things like, “mommy, please help me”; “mommy, I hate being sick”; “mommy, please stay with me” …

    UGH, rips at the heart!

  2. I see a ray of sunshine in that whole “doesn’t like to cuddle” thing. Maybe, just maybe, since Alex doesn’t like to cuddle, maybe he will stay in his own bed when you hit the toddler bed stage. Trust me, that would be a good thing. The cuddling at 3:00 in the morning isn’t quite so sweet when it comes complete with a kick to the kidneys.

  3. Hope that baby feels better soon…we just got over a month and a half illness with our own son….Not fun…We like to call it Puke Fest 2008!

  4. I hope your little man keeps on feeling better and better. But I hear you and I love when they are cuddly. My daughter is not a cuddler either, so I take advantage when the opportunity arises!

  5. Oh poor Alex and poor poor mommy. Sleepless nights are no fun indeed. At least he makes up for them by cuddling. My 5 year old stopped cuddling. ;(

  6. Sickly babies are the worst. I can’t wait until the day when Aidan can blow his nose and I can quit fighting him with the booger-sucker-outer!

    Get your cuddles in while you can, he’ll be off on his own agenda before you know it!

  7. Pufferfish just got over being that sick… and now she’s getting a runny nose again! ;( There’s nothing worse than a sick baby. But you’re right, the cuddling IS nice!

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