To Cut Or Not To Cut?

For the last few monthsfew days, I’ve really been considering giving Alex a hair cut. I have fought and fought, insisting that we wait until his first birthday. I’m not entirely sure why the one-year mark meant something, but I just want to keep that “baby hair” for as long as possible; however, I’m beginning to think it may be time for a cut.

After his nasty cold this past week (that he is still recovering from) there were boogers in his hair constantly. Talk about gross. It’s bad enough having to wipe the nose of an unhappy and squirmy baby, but having to then wipe them out of his hair was even worse. Especially if it dried. There is nothing cute about a baby with dried snot in his hair.

He was born with a ton of hair. Everyone told us he would lose it, but he didn’t. It just kept on growing and growing. And growing.

Occasionally, I’ll put his hair in a ponytail. It keeps it out of his eyes very well, but he kind of looks like a girl. And it’s hard enough to tell whether babies are boys and girls as it is, so add in a ponytail on a boy? No thanks. And don’t even get me started on the way strangers judge you for anything and everything, so I’ll just avoid the rude remarks about how I’m going to “turn him gay” or something equally absurd.

Alex with his hair in a ponytail!

Now I just have to get up the courage to either cut it myself or take him to a salon.

But his hair is just so gosh darn cute!:
Alex standing in the doorway

…maybe I’ll wait.

6 thoughts on “To Cut Or Not To Cut?

  1. wow he really was born with a lot of hair!! I think his hair is adorable… but I can understand the grossness of the booger cleanup, lol Maggie’s hair finally started growing a couple of months ago and now she’s always getting sticky stuff in it (juice, fruit, yogurt, whatever) so yeah, longer hair is definitely messier!

  2. My son’s hair was exactly like that. I managed to hold out for 11 months and then I had to cut it, since it was in his eyes and he was crashing into stuff.

  3. I waited until Caleb was one to cut his hair but he didn’t have as much hair as Alex. It was starting to grow so long that it was in his eyes and covering his ears and he was starting to get a mini mullet. Yikes! I took him to a place called Little Snips. It is in Greentree and they cater especially to little kids. He got to sit in a cool car and watch Elmo while they cut his hair. I thought he might freak out but he did really well.

  4. I have all girls so I probably am not the greatest one to ask. But I am thinking, if it were me, I would probably be more annoyed at the references of he being a “she”. And I would get tired of correcting people. I can imagine it would be VERY tough parting with such a gorgeous head of hair, but I probably would do it.

    Good luck!

  5. Much as I like baby hair, I LOVE it when Oliver’s hair is very short. It suits him and he looks a little too scruffy if I let it get long. Try it. You might like it. And if you don’t, it will grow back.

    I recommend “Little Snips” in Scott Township for kid haircuts.

  6. Do. not. attempt. to. cut. hair. yourself!! This is a bad idea. I know people do it, but I tried once with a squirmy toddler and I had to keep cutting her bangs shorter and shorter to get them even. She barely had any left by the time I was done!

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