New Car Seat!

We got our original convertible car seat about five months ago, as Alex was already quickly outgrowing the height limit of his infant seat. It was hard to give up the infant seat so quickly, as there is nothing like being able to take your sleeping baby out of the car without waking them up! AAA gives free car seats away, so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity when we didn’t exactly have the money to “splurge” on a new car seat. They even had someone help us install it! Unfortunately, we hated it. The Evenflo Tribute was just not what we were looking for. Tightening and loosening the straps was nearly impossible, as was adjusting the height of the harness, and we couldn’t latch-install it properly because of the “notch” system with the latch connection.

We debated buying a new one. We didn’t need a new car seat. But, at Target on Sunday I bought a new one. It is the Eddie Bauer Deluxe Convertible Carseat. It has a weight limit of 80 pounds (80!) and a height limit of 52 inches! It’s cute, and has a good amount of padding for comfort.

Most importantly, Alex loves it:

Trying out the new car seat before we put it in the car!

3 thoughts on “New Car Seat!

  1. He does look happy!

    With our first child, we bought a fairly inexpensive car seat. But we have since learned that it is SOOOO worth it to get a good seat!

    AAA gives away car seats? I never knew that! Not that I need one, but it is definitely interesting!

  2. Your WW photo is so precious! I love his hair!! It reminds me of my youngest sons hair.

    As for the car seat, we have the same one. Our 2 almost 3 year old is using it and she really likes it! It even works well for long (18hr) car trips.

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