23 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: “Look what I found! … can I have it?”

  1. You Go Girl! Are you organized or what!? WW already posted.

    I really like the expression and Alex face. I mentioned to my husband tonight, I just love watching Aydon learn. It seems as though you can actually “see” him learning.
    Have a great day!

  2. He has SUCH a face, Allison…I can’t stop smiling whenever I see a new pic. Definitely reminds me of our own munchkins – probably the endlessly happy spirit of the scene.

  3. He is soo cute! What a smile.

    This photo totally reminds me of all the times my daughter has gotten a hold of one of my shoes and put it in her mouth.

    I then go into panic mode thinking of every public bathroom and dirty floor I’ve stepped on each time I’ve been wearing those shoes!

  4. They love shoes! My little son who is 18 month (and wears 6 month old clothes ) is constantly trying to tramp around in my size 10 flip flops! It is hilarious! Cute picture!

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