Thursday Thirteen #2

This is part 2 in my Thursday Thirteen series, getting me up to 104 things about me!


Allison’s Thursday Thirteen: Part 2

1. I hate it when people touch my ribs, clavicles or sternum. It really bothers me. I get chills, actually.
2. I have always been considered “normal.” Starting at a very young age, family and friends have always called me “normal.” I still don’t know what that means. And I don’t agree.
3. I crack almost every joint in my body on a daily basis. I crack all of my fingers, my wrists, my elbows, my shoulders, my neck, my back, my hips, my knees, my ankles and all of my toes multiple times a day. It happens accidentally a lot, but I also do it on purpose.
4. I know nothing about pop culture. It’s pathetic. I can see a movie and forget it two days later. I couldn’t tell you the name of a famous actor if their picture was in front me.
5. I take really hot showers. Most people find it too hot, but I find it perfect.
6. I am horribly clumsy. Here’s proof.
7. I was a tomboy growing up. I played sports, beat all the boys, and refused to wear dresses and skirts.
8. I have never read the Harry Potter books. At this point, I feel like giving in would be weak.
9. I have a fake tooth. My right central incisor was knocked out when I was 8, so I have had a fake tooth since then.
10. I still love pop music. Specifically from the 90’s, and early 00’s. Britney Spears, ‘N Sync, Backstreet Boys, Five, Christina Aguilera, Jewel, early J. Lo, Hanson…
11. I hate my body. That’s nothing special among women, but I’m working on getting back into shape and being happy with my new Motherhood figure.
12. I hate arguing. Debate team was never my thing. I hate to argue about anything, especially with people who I like.
13. I was a vegetarian for the summer of 2000. I missed chicken.

12 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #2

  1. #2 – Normal is just a setting on your dryer. We’re all unique! Celebrate your uniqueness and enjoy life!

    You have a beautiful family!

    I published by first T13 today! Hope you can stop by.

  2. I haven’t read Potter, either. I did read Rowling’s commencement speech to Harvard, and that was so darn awesome I think I will go back, read, and catch up with the world!

    Great list.

  3. I never thought I’d read Potter either, but I did 2 years ago. All of them, about 5 times each. I LOVED it. I’m still reading them, when I hit hard times, I read Harry Potter. That probably makes me weird. Oh well. And I tried the vegan thing too… but I missed my burgers. And pepperoni.

    Great list. Happy TT.

  4. ditto on numbers 3 and 8!!!!! i dont even like harry potter movies that much, and with bone cracking, people find it disturbing. but its a hard habit to break.

  5. I’m glad there’s someone else who doesn’t know a thing about pop culture! I also have not read any of the Harry Potter books.

  6. Yay for staying in Pittsburgh. You can always visit the West Coast.

    Don’t resist the Potter books. They are great, especially if you 1)enjoy reading and 2) enjoy the kid/fantasy genre. Besides, what are you going to do when Alex wants to talk about them with you?
    I’m enjoying your list!


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