When Moving Becomes Not So Much Across The Country

Californ-i-a, here we don’t come. Sorry.

Short story: Zach got the same job offer here in Pittsburgh that he had received in Mountain View. Same company, same benefits, cheaper location. The decision was hard, but I think we made the right one.

I have mixed feelings about this. I’m excited to be staying, but sad to missing out on the opportunity to move to California.

So, hello old friends! free babysitting! a city I know like the back of my hand! a nicer apartment (hopefully)! a nicer neighborhood (maybe)! decreasing our debt! Pittsburgh-baby Alexander! familial stress! same ol’ same ol’!

So, goodbye new opportunities! beautiful weather! farmer’s markets daily! a drive to my Uncle’s! taking walks every day! getting a tan! California-baby Alexander! progressive state! crappy apartment! now knowing anyone! anxiety! increased debt!

Most importantly: ‘Bye Arnold! I was so looking forward to having you as my governator!

9 thoughts on “When Moving Becomes Not So Much Across The Country

  1. Its nice that you’re staying in a place where you already have a sense of community. But I know how you feel about missing out on a more exciting move to California! I used to go to California all the time to stay with my brother who lives there, and I desperately would like to move there… but I’m not sure I could leave the rest of my family!
    Bummer, huh?

  2. I think California is a great place to visit but I don’t want to live there, as you know. The main reason? I prefer natural disasters I can see coming (hurricanes, for example) over those I cannot (like earthquakes).

  3. WOW! You are staying!? Great! I am sure moving to California sounds wonderful, but, holy cow, the cost of living is SOOOO much less around here! And you get to stay a part of the Burgh Moms! I mean, isn’t that reason enough? LOL!


    And yeah, that earthquake thing freaks me out a little too.

  4. Can you imagine how much you would be spending on living on CA? Eeekkk… I think you are better off in PA. More $$$ to spend on heels?

  5. I hope this doesn’t bum you out too much but all other comments were of the benifits of staying … and there are many … BUT California is my favorite place on the whole planet … I haven’t seen all of the planet but I have been to more than 30 states and a few countries (that isn’t even half but I’ve already dismissed more than 50% as “I don’t have to go there to realize I wouldn’t enjoy it” sorta thing).

    If I had the opportunity, a real opportunity I think I would go. I imagine a world where I can drag along my mom, dad and sis … where I would walk 365 days a year. Sure it costs more but there are many things that are cheaper — lets talk FRESH produce, it’s actually cheaper to live healthly out there … and depending upon where you live you will have a non-existant heating/air conditioning bills.

    I ADORE the Sea. I seriously need to live closer to her, and I truly hope that someday I will.

    Everything happens for a reason, I completely believe that. So it wasn’t right for you at this moment, but if it was meant to be then another opportunity will arise.

  6. I’m sorry that you’ll miss out on California, but I’m glad to hear you’ll still be around for our Burgh Mom nonsense.

  7. Well, we’re glad you’ll be around. Too bad, though, because I was really looking for someone to visit in CA 🙂

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