Who Should I Be More Proud Of?

First, we have exhibit A:


Exhibit A managed to get into my bathroom. This is no easy task. First, he managed to get inside the building, which involves two heavy doors or a revolving door and an even heavier door. Second, he either made it past another door, many flights of stairs and yet another door, or he got on the elevator, rode it up many levels and got off on our floor. Third, he would have had to get into our apartment. Fourth, he got to the back of our apartment and sat down on my toilet.

Next, we have exhibit B:

A nine-month old baby boy. Exhibit B does not like to sleep. Exhibit B has been known to grind his teeth, bite his thumb, scream in falling octaves, and has even resorted to giving wide-mouth kisses in order to not fall asleep. But look!:


Exhibit B fell asleep on his own without a single protest. He put his head down, moaned, and was asleep in less than five minutes. No crying, no fussing, no babbling, no screaming. Just sleeping.

I really don’t know who to be more proud of today.

2 thoughts on “Who Should I Be More Proud Of?

  1. Ewwww…I hate bugs! Way to go Alex! I think you should start a new trend of falling asleep like that. Give your mommy a break!

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