Thursday Thirteen #3

This is part 3 in my Thursday Thirteen series, getting me up to 104 things about me!


Allison’s Thursday Thirteen: Part 3

1. I would have been named “Tiffany” or “Melony” if it had been up to my Father. I’m glad my Mother didn’t approve, because I don’t think those names fit me at all.
2. I wore a size 8 shoe until I got pregnant, and now wear a 8.5 or 9. I really wish my feet had shrunk back to normal size, because I miss my shoes dearly.
3. I think my eyes are my best feature.
4. I am a Capricorn, though not always. I don’t know why it changes, but occasionally I’m a Sagittarius. My Mother is a Capricorn, my Father a Sagittarius. My Mom was in labor all day on what would have made me a constant Sagittarius, but I was born a few hours after midnight. I’m a “cusp baby.”
5. I scored higher on the math portion of my SAT than the verbal by 10 points. I can only think of one other person who scored higher on the math.
6. I have lost two dogs and a cat in my life. I sobbed tremendously after each of them passed.
7. I have taken two religion classes. One was a study of (parts of) the Hebrew Bible, the other an overview of a few of the most prominent religions. From my studies, I think Buddhism is the most beautiful religion.
8. I can’t whistle. It’s pathetic when I try because this tiny little high pitched noise sometimes makes its way out of my lips. Normally, I just blow out silent air and look silly.
9. I was amazingly good at gymnastics as a child. I competed multiple times a week, but quit because I hated the competition aspect. You couldn’t just do gymnastics at that level, they made you compete.
10. I have the most boring dreams you could possibly imagine. The last dream that I can remember having: I was at Whole Foods with my son, trying to find black beans. They weren’t where they normally are, so I had to ask someone for help. The person I asked for help told me that they were in aisle 10, but there was no aisle 10. I found the beans in aisle 11, which also had Heinz ketchup in very large glass bottles. See? If you even read that I’m impressed.
11. I love the movie “Big Daddy.” An inordinate amount. I’ve probably seen it over a dozen times.
12. I come from a family of educators. My Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather, Uncle, Aunt, Great Aunt, Great Uncle, and maternal Great Grandparents were all educators. Some teachers, some administrators. My Great Grandmother even had a Ph.D
13. I was pulled over by a cop for speeding once. I had just gotten my license, was pulling off of a main highway in Maryland, and there was no speed limit sign. I kept with traffic, and about 6 of us got pulled over. I started crying (out of fear) and he gave me a warning.

20 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #3

  1. I am so thankful my dad named me. If if were my mother’s choice, I would have been named, Pon-Tip. She is from Thailand, and that is a popular name there.

    Michelle (aka, Chelle) is A LOT better! 🙂

  2. I know how you feel about your feet changing sizes. I use to be a size 9 before my daughter was born. Now my right foot is still a size 9 and my left foot is a 10. How crazy is that. Oh ya, I’m also a Capricorn. Great TT.

  3. Sagittatius is a good thing to be!

    I can’t whistle either. I always was able to then a year or two agi I lost the ability to. I have no idea why.

  4. Once!?!?! You’ve been pulled over ONCE and you didn’t even get the ticket?!?!?!?

    You’re my new hero.

  5. It sounds like you lead a pretty safe life…sorry about the dreams. Every night, its an adventure for me:) Happy TT.

  6. What a nice list. I enjoyed it. I just read Eat, Pray, Love, which included time spent in India in a Buddhist ashram. I don’t know much about it, but I agree that it seems to be a beautiful sort of faith and life.

  7. I have news for you, everyone’s feet grow as they “age”. If you do like I do and live in sandals in the summer it’s even worse. I’m now in a 7. I can’t believe it.

    The Pink Flamingo

  8. Yeah, I think the feet growing thing is normal. I was always a size 9, now I am at least a 9 1/2, sometimes 10.

    Great dream too! Seriously, I would rather dream about looking for black beans than having some dream that scares the HE(L out of me!

    Cute list!

  9. Happy TT, great list. I have very vivid dreams about my grandparents quite frequently. It’s nice in one way, but in others it’s depressing because I miss them.

  10. Nice to get to know you better. Both my kids scored way higher in Math on their SATs than in Verbal. They are not big English, History, etc. people, nor do they read a lot. Instead they are big into the sciences – my dd just graduated from college with a degree in Math.

    My Dad named me – after one of his old girlfriends. My Mom always said it was “ok”, but I really wonder if she really thought so.

    Happy TT!

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