Vacation By The Numbers and Pictures

10 hour drive from Pittsburgh to Boston

9 hours that Alex spent sleeping on the drive from Pittsburgh to Boston overnight

1 amazing lunch in Harvard Square with the wonderful Sarah and her boyfriend, Andy

1 night out on the town with Sarah and a few friends

200 ounces of beer shared between five people in a beer “tower”

3 tiny little finger nails that drew blood on the side of my nose (thanks, Alex)

2 people that ended up whimpering because of that scratch

9 hours in the sun in New Hampshire at a family gathering

200 hugs and kisses for all of the family members

5 short naps for Alex throughout the day

30 sips from a straw in a juice box at Legal Sea Food by Alex

6 pictures taken of the first juice box adventure

13 hours spent coming back to Pittsburgh from Boston

7000 tears shed by Alex on the drive back from Boston

3 million calories eaten on the drive to Boston and back (thank you Wendy’s and McDonald’s!)

1 new (to us!) Honda Pilot

Posing with Sarah in front of a beer truck

"Walking" with Andy

Alex being cute in his outfit

6 thoughts on “Vacation By The Numbers and Pictures

  1. Great pics! You really drove all night? I am afraid of trying that. I am pretty sure my girls would NOT sleep the entire drive. I know at least one would be awake the entire time, and I wouldn’t get a wink of sleep. And the fact that I can’t sleep at all in the car doesn’t help!

    BTW….gotta love those amazing blue eyes!

  2. wow took a lot longer to get home than it did to get there! Traveling with a baby is fun, isn’t it? 😉 Looks like you had a great time though! A new Pilot, I’m so jealous!!

  3. Sounds like the trip there was more peaceful than the trip back home (it always seems to be that way for us too…).

    P.S. Cute photos! I love Alex’s hat!

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