Thursday Thirteen #4

This is part 4 in my Thursday Thirteen series, getting me up to 104 things about me!


Allison’s Thursday Thirteen: Part 4

1. I hate raw onions.
2. I love raw peppers, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, and most vegetables that you can eat raw. I don’t eat nearly enough of them, but hope that my new diet will get me back to eating them more often!
3. I have seven half brothers and sisters. My Father had seven children with his first wife. I consider myself an only child, but in reality I have seven siblings!
4. I have only broken one bone in my body. It was one of the bones in my middle finger on my right hand. I had to wear a little finger splint for a short period of time. Now, my right middle finger is fatter than my left middle finger.
5. I have an amazing memory. When it comes to my life and the life of the people I care about, I remember everything. Sometimes I may need a reminder, but it’s there!
6. I have a horrible memory. When it comes to facts, specifically about people or things I don’t really care about, I cannot remember a thing! Even if I enjoy a movie, I couldn’t tell you what it was about a few days later!
7. I have a tremendous sweet tooth.
8. I didn’t know that I loved steak until a few years ago. My mom insists on eating her steak medium-well to well done. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I tried it medium rare and realized that steak is delicious.
9. I used to have my belly button pierced. I took it out when I got pregnant.
10. I was taught how to tightrope walk when I was about five years old. My Grandmother had a student who became a clown, so when we went to visit him at a circus I got to walk on a tightrope. Don’t worry, it was only about a foot off of the ground!
11. I have done two illegal drugs. Both of them are actually legal, just not for me or here in Pennsylvania.
12. I don’t understand the whole Star Wars thing. I have only seen the original three movies once, and it was about 10 years ago. I guess I need to watch them again to really judge them.
13. I am petrified of getting old. The thought of aching all the time, losing my memory, not being able to walk without hurting, getting diseases, etc., all scare me. A lot.

46 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #4

  1. I have a huge sweet tooth too. I think my entire family does. My mom always taught my sister and I to eat our dessert first. LOL!! Happy TT.

  2. I just made another batch of English Toffee….I’m sure you’d like some with your #7 on your list? Maybe?

    By popular demand: JefΓ© is back with 13 bits of aged wisdom! Come on over.

  3. Hey Allison. I love this ongoing list – and your idea to break it up. I’ve posted a couple of Top 100 lists so far, but I did ’em as massive lists. Makes more sense to break ’em up.

    I don’t get Star Wars, either. George Lucas is a TERRIBLE storyteller. If I knew what he did to become the billionaire that he is, I’d be all over the process like a cheap shirt.


  4. You sound like a very interesting person. We should have lunch together and I’ll explain the whole #12 thing to you!

    Good T-13!

  5. #10 is just way too cool!!! You are an interesting person! πŸ™‚

    Happy TT and thank you for stopping by!

  6. I absolutely agree with you about Star Wars. But it doesn’t worry me, and I won’t bother seeing them again.

    I hate most raw vegetables. And cooked ones too. But I love tomatoes and cucumbers (both officially fruit, actually).

  7. Getting older is so much better than being young. I know it’s scary – and I’m not that old – I’ll say that for me? I love being my age.

    Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself.

    Happy TT!

  8. Medium rare steak, is there really any other way?? So, that’s what happens to the pierced belly button when pregnancy occurs, guess I can stop fixating on belly buttons of pregnant woman trying to solve that mystery for me. That whole piercing thing came way after I had my kids. LOL

    Star Wars, I love irritating my boys by pointing out the inconsistencies. Fun list here, thank you for stopping by.

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed your T13.

    I broke two bones – my nose and my big toe.

    Alex is beautiful. I’ll have to vote for him. Good luck.

  10. i have a giant sweet tooth and excellent memory as well.
    look forward to learning more about you. πŸ™‚

    happy tt!

  11. I would bet you my sweet tooth is worse than yours. (Candy is my crack? πŸ™‚ I liked hearing about your traits, and I think it’s a good idea to post them in a TT series.

  12. Hasn’t your Dad done well, eight kids in all! That’s impr… should I say, his partner did well having seven kids. I’m thirty and I’ve only had one child so far.

    Don’t worry about getting old. If you look after yourself and keep fit you shouldn’t get too much in the way of aches and pains or diseases.

    Nice T13!

  13. Wow, I can relate to a lot on your list:
    2. Love raw veggies
    3. I have 7 siblings; most of them are halves.
    4. I’ve only broken one bone; a toe.
    5. Personal memories-gottum
    6. Facts-I can look them up
    7. I heart sweets.
    12. I’ve only seen the first three once, and that was more than enough for me.
    Is that TMI?
    Thanks for sharing your list.
    Have a great day!

  14. I guess me and my Veggie Friends should run and hide when you come near?

    Great list. I don’t think I’ve ever tried Medium-Rare steak.

    Happy TT!

  15. Great post! I agree with the whole good/bad memory thing.

    I remember when the original Star Wars came out. None of them got to me as much as the first one (Episode IV). I’m not all that excited about the newer ones, tho.

    As for #13, you don’t need to be afraid of getting old. You’re young enough you can do something about it. Eat healthy and exercise regularly and you can avoid a lot of the things you fear.

    Come by and see my lighthouses.

  16. I don’t understand the whole Star Wars thing either and I’m old enough to have lived through it the first time around. Happy TT

  17. I am also scared of the whole getting old thing. Everything about it is scary! I turned 23 over the weekend, and it was pretty tragic. πŸ™‚

  18. believe me you have a long time till the aches and memory loss kick in, so enjoy it now, Oh and when memory loss does kick in it is ok, because you don’t remember it is happening:)

  19. I love this Thursday Thirteen idea, really cool. One way of getting to know our fellow blogger. Oh, you’re not alone in that Starwars thing. Steak is good, but I still can’t stand with medium rare πŸ™‚ Btw, thanks for dropping by…

  20. Interesting 13. Mine is Eat, Drink and be Merry – 13 Last Words, Excerpt: Judaism instructs us to enjoy the simple gifts that God gives in the present world. Eat, drink and be merry. Enjoy this life, on this Earth, in this time. I have collected for your enjoyment the last words of some of our more famous fellow human beings involving food or drink before they died.

  21. I LOVE onions…in any shape or form…and most other raw veggies, too…YUM!

    That was pretty cool that you learned to tightrope walk! I practiced a lot, but never learned!

    GREAT list!!

  22. ah, my sweet tooth has been a tyrant this week. it doesn’t help that my husband works for a famous chocolate making company that ships globally and last week gave employees three hours to shop in a warehouse containing product that was unshipable for one reason or another–mostly freshness or damaged packaging. he brought home a huge box full of candy and cheese cake and baklava for 10 bucks. The company is also known for its fruit of the month club. But was there any fruit in his box? only in the cheese cakes and baklava. sigh. well at least there were nuts in the Moose Munch. lol

  23. LOL! At first I was wondering if you forgot that you had a good memory (b/c of the one right after another…).

    I have a horrible memory about a lot of thing-but stupid details like what color socks I had on in the 8th grade when Mr. Rose yelled at me-I remember.

    Blue striped. πŸ™‚

  24. I am with you on the memory thing….and I also have a fear of the things that accompany aging.

    One of my teacher friends removed her belly button ring when she was pregnant. She showed us the “stretched out” version of the piercing and it looked painful! LOL

    Thanks for stopping by my site!

  25. I am with you on the memory thing….and I also have a fear of the things that accompany aging.

    One of my teacher friends removed her belly button ring when she was pregnant. She showed us the “stretched out” version of the piercing and it looked painful! LOL

    Thanks for stopping by my site!

  26. I hear you on star wars but it’s probably because I have never seen the first one that was released all the way through. Whenever it is on tv I seem to turn it on during the “trash compactor” scene. I have seen that one probably 20 times, but never the whole movie!

    I still don’t get BSG, but thinking of it like a soap opera helps.

  27. Hiya! Just wanted to return the favor and say thanks for visiting Raven’s Roads last week. (I have a second TT about the forest fires, at Raven’s RV.) Cool TT…don’t worry about getting old. Chances are you’ll get used to it, slowly. πŸ™‚

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