My Memory Isn’t What It Used To Be…

I had planned how to pack my USB cord. While moving a small load of fragile items to the house, I would put the USB cord in my computer bag. It would be safe there because I was moving the computer bag myself. The cord wouldn’t get misplaced or lost amongst all of the boxes. I would be able to find it right away so that I could upload pictures quickly. Really, it was a great plan.

Until I forgot that I had this great plan. Am I getting old already?

What matters, though, is that it has been found. And now you get to enjoy a select few photos:

Alex playing with a box while we pack

Alex playing with a box while we pack

Our living room

Our living room

We are in need of rugs. Having lived in fully carpeted apartments up until this point, there was never a reason for either of us to buy rugs. So, we have one. In the entire, hardwood floor covered, house. One.

The living room leading into the dining room

The living room leading into the dining room

The kitchen

The kitchen

And last but not least:

Alex studying the windows that he cant see out of

Alex studying the windows that he can't see out of

November 2005

November 2005

Remember this? Gas was so expensive then.

As my best friend, Sarah, and I were starting off on our first of many (6, 8, 10?) drives from Northampton, MA, to Boston we were so unhappy about the fact that it was going to be over 40 dollars to fill up her tank. She drove a Chevy Suburban. Our dismay at spending 40 dollars to fill up a tank is laughable now. That same trip we drove around the entire city of Boston half a dozen times because we had never been there before and didn’t have a map. We were wild like that.

I was searching through old pictures attempting to find something of interest. This caught my eye, and fits perfectly into Carmi’s Thematic Photograph this week.

The Big Clean

We cleaned out our old apartment yesterday and grabbed the last few things that were there.

Being there just further reminded me of how happy I am to not be there anymore. It was hot. It smelled kind of funky and the whole place looked worn out. The carpeting was stained in too many places, most of which was not because of us, and the kitchen was small and dirty. Even after we cleaned, everything looked gross.

What’s more: Both of our tubs had about 3 inches of dirty, smelly, gross water. They weren’t draining. It was awesome.

Fortunately, Alex had a great time being able to wander everywhere (except the bathrooms with the drowning hazard tubs):


Not so fortunately, I can’t find the USB cord to my camera. So, no photos of the new place just yet. Hopefully I’ll find it soon as there are many pictures to be shared!

Where The Heart Is

The stats:

  • 5 Hours With Movers
  • 3 Wine Glass Casualties
  • 1 New Home
  • 2 Porches
  • 2 Yards
  • 1 Garage
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 1 Laundry Room
  • 1 Huge Basement
  • 1 Sleeping Baby
  • 1 Mama Drinking Wine
  • 1 Playstation 3 Playing Dad
  • 1 Dirty Old Apartment

  • We are thrilled. (Thanks Kim!)

    I’ll post more soon. Between the packing all day Friday, the moving all day Saturday, the cleaning, unpacking and organizing all day Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and today, Zach’s birthday on Sunday, and Zach’s mother in town until 7pm today, we’ve been very busy.

    What Could Be Cuter?

    (This picture has nothing to do with anything. It’s just cute. And I haven’t been taking pictures, so I don’t have any new ones of Alex! I think this is the longest I’ve gone since he was born without taking pictures of him.)

    Movers Are Coming!

    Tomorrow morning the movers are coming. We are finishing up the packing, and enjoying our last night in this apartment building:

    Our (almost) Old Apartment

    It wasn’t the worst place to live, but the list of bad things certainly outweighs the list of good:

    • Random fire alarms
    • Random power outages
    • No water a few times
    • Brown water a few times
    • Horrible air conditioning that doesn’t work
    • Greenhouse effect because of the stupid not insulated glass windows
    • Elevators that broke all the time
    • Having to take an elevator
    • Having to hear said elevator every time it passes our floor through our walls
    • Dirty carpet
    • Electric stove (not a nice one, either)
    • Metal cabinets in the kitchen
    • Fluctuating water temperatures
    • Noisy neighbors
    • Crying Baby neighbor
    • Obnoxious person below us complained about us being noisy at 8 pm on a Friday night
    • Creepy old people
    • Creepy old person who tells me to get Alex away from her because she hasn’t taken her “pill”

    It wasn’t all bad, though:

    • There is an insane amount of closet space
    • It is a very spacious 2 bedroom apartment
    • Ummm…

    I can’t wait to move!

    Good News, Everyone!

    (Go 36 seconds in. “Good News, Everyone!”)

    I was offered the amazing opportunity to join the ladies of Girl Indie! I will be contributing to their wonderful team and I couldn’t be happier about it! These ladies are just fabulous, and with four of us adding on to the group I’m sure there will be an exciting variety of posts!

    My posts will be related to health, but I’m sure I’ll also have some other random ones to throw in there now and then. My first post includes a recipe to one of my favorite healthy and delicious meals. To top that off, it’s one of the cheapest meals you can make, too!

    Thursday Thirteen #6

    This is part 6 in my Thursday Thirteen series, getting me up to 104 things about me!


    Allison’s Thursday Thirteen: Part 6

    1. I cry at the drop of the hat. This wasn’t always the case, but I cry during movies and TV shows all the time now.
    2. I have always dreamed of having two children: a boy and then a girl. So far so good!
    3. I wanted to be an Astronaut for a while growing up. Quite frankly, I still think that would be an amazing career! (But I don’t have the brains for it!)
    4. I grew up watching TV Land. As such, I grew up watching shows that most of my generation doesn’t talk about.
    5. I won a spelling bee once. It was pure luck.
    6. I wear glasses. I got them in 9th grade and was told to only wear them when I needed to see things that were far away (the chalk board or a movie).
    7. I used to play Ultimate Frisbee.
    8. I really enjoy a nice cold beer. As long as it’s not too “hoppy” I will probably love it! My favorite beer (I think…) is Magic Hat #9.
    9. I want to travel the world extensively. There are very few places that I don’t have a lot of interest in visiting.
    10. I have had two manicures and one pedicure. In my entire life.
    11. I could watch the movies “Knocked Up” and “Juno” over and over again. I saw Knocked Up when I was, ::ahem::, knocked up, so it was extremely fitting for my life at that point.
    12. I am Irish. And Russian. And a bunch of other things. My Irish side shows itself the most, though.
    13. I am not religious.

    Silent Night

    Monday night. 11:05 PM. I’m in bed only slightly later than I had hoped. The fan is blowing, I see the faint glow of the living room down the hall, and I shut my eyes. I am ready to fall asleep after a very long day.

    Suddenly, there is a whir, a flicker of lights, and everything stops. It’s dark. It’s silent. It’s weird.

    I slowly make my way back to the living room, unable to see anything. Buzz. It’s so dark. Buzz. We keep all of the blinds in our apartment shut to avoid the greenhouse effect (seriously), so to get some light in we open them. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. City light shines in and we can see silhouetted tables and chairs.

    Buzz. Someone is freaking out in the elevator. I don’t blame them, I would freak out if I got stuck in the elevator during a power outage. Buzz “But seriously, if they wake Alex up I’m going to rip them a new one.”

    I get back in bed. It’s so dark. It’s so quiet. Buzz. Except for the occasional buzzing. My ears are ringing. How do I make my ears stop ringing? It’s so quiet! I open the blinds in our bedroom to let some city light in. Buzz. I open the window for noise. No air comes through our windows because we seem to miraculously have no wind. I can hear the busses below start and stop their engines. Finally, some sound.

    I close my eyes. It’s so quiet. Buzz. The person is still freaking out in the elevator. I’m freaked out by how quiet it still is. A car drives by and I wish it would drive by again and again and again.

    It’s sometime after 1:00 AM. There is a shake and a whir. The air conditioning is on, the fan is blowing on my feet, the alarm clock is emitting light. I can sleep. Finally.

    How do people live in the middle of nowhere? How do you live where it is dark and so very quiet? When I first went to college I remember how dark and quiet it was there. At night, unless you were right in the middle of downtown Northampton, it was pitch black. As long as you were away from the college, there was no sound but the crickets. I eventually slept with a fan year round.

    A Change Would Do Me Good

    (Can’t get that song out of my head! “I think a change (a change would do you good) would do you good.)

    It’s time for a change. A big change. A lifestyle change.

    Why? So glad you asked. You see, yesterday was the first day that I felt 100% back to normal. A week and a half ago, I woke up with a god-awful sore throat, headache, and total grogginess. I had a minor sore throat the night before, but didn’t think anything of it. Now, since then I’ve had a sore throat and general ickiness. There have been times when I’ve felt better, but then I crash again.

    I am taking this as a big old fat hint. I need to change my lifestyle.

    1. Healthy Eating! This includes breakfast every day. No more unhealthy, crappy, junk food. Lots of fruit and vegetables!

    2. Exercise! Every day. I want to take a walk with Alex every day, weather permitting. I have a work out DVD that I am going to start doing regularly!

    3. Quit the bad habits! No regular drinking. On occasion, but not more than once a week. And we wont discuss the shameful smoking that occurs too regularly except to say it’s going to stop.

    4. Better sleep habits. Get in bed between 10 and 10:30, read for a while, and then sleep. That way getting up at 7:00 will be reasonable. No more tired mornings if I can get enough sleep!

    I’m sure there are more things that I need to do, but that is a good start. This illness was a kick in my butt to get moving! I need to make a change, and that change is coming.

    Starting tonight. I will go to bed early. I will wake up early tomorrow morning. I will eat breakfast with Alex, I will work out, I will take a walk with Alex, I will eat a healthy lunch and cook a healthy dinner. Screw this sick stuff. I’m over it!

    More Climbing