We’re In For It!

Alex keeps getting caught in his crib slats. I’ll come in to him crying, and see him with one (or both!) leg stuck in between two slats. Jammed in there, a few inches above the mattress so he can’t quite sit down properly. He’s slumped over, crying, and his leg is stuck. It’s so pathetic. I figured it was because he was attempting to climb out.

Today, I realized I was right. Alex started climbing up the side of his play pen. How someone so small can be so strong is amazing. Oh dear, I think Alex is a climber!


3 thoughts on “We’re In For It!

  1. Maggie has done this a few times, and once I didn’t even realize it and tried to pick her up and ooooh man, I felt so bad. Their little legs are just the right size (or wrong size, actually!)

  2. It is amazing how strong they are. Buddy does this too! Unfortunately, I have no advice; this is my first time with this too! We can commiserate together.

  3. My 2 girls climbed out of their cribs at a very early age too. Then they proceeded to try to teach their little brother, who was very content to stay in his crib, to climb out too. The girls were 2 and 3 years old at the time. That was the last time I left them alone with him!!

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