I Like The Way You Eat and Drink

I love watching Alex eat. It’s always a mess, which is a definite down side, but it’s so cute. The way he picks food up between his thumb and index finger, the way he shoves the food deep into his mouth, the way he licks his fingers when it’s a food he really likes, and the way he says “mmmm,” which I think is him mimicking me saying “Yum!”

Finger Lickin' Good

Finger Lickin' Good

Finger Lickin' Good

Recently, the most amusing part about feeding him is the sippy cup adventures. He doesn’t quite get the sippy cup yet. For the first few times I gave it to him, he just banged it around. Bang. Bang. Bang fall. Eventually, I got him to suck on it, and he realized, “Hey! Liquid comes out when I suck on it!” but he hasn’t figured out how to get it to work on his own.

First, there was the issue of “Where do I put my mouth?”

Not quite getting the sippy cup

Once he figured out where to put his mouth on his own, he came to the next dilemma: “Now that my mouth is on here, how do I get the liquid out?” He sucks and sucks, I can hear the air moving around in there, but nothing comes out. He doesn’t understand that he has to tilt the cup for liquid to come out.

Starting to understand the sippy cup

And, naturally, he wont let me help him tilt the cup. Now that he has figured out that it’s his sippy cup, and that he can put it to his mouth himself, he freaks out every time I attempt to tilt it for him. He gives me this look that says, “Get away, Devil woman! I can do it myself!” (In my head, Alex sometimes acts like Stewie from Family Guy.)

He’ll get it eventually. And until he does, it’s pretty amusing to watch.

3 thoughts on “I Like The Way You Eat and Drink

  1. We love watching Maggie eat too- or doing anything, pretty much (even pooping, she makes the funniest faces!! hehe) But seriously with the eating, they just have such teeny fingers and the way they plop the food in their mouths, it’s just too much.

    Alex is doing better than Maggie was with the sippy at that age, so no worries there 🙂

  2. They are soooo cute to watch, aren’t they?

    How old is he….. he looks to be just like my baby’s age and doing the same feeding ritual too.

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