Movers Are Coming!

Tomorrow morning the movers are coming. We are finishing up the packing, and enjoying our last night in this apartment building:

Our (almost) Old Apartment

It wasn’t the worst place to live, but the list of bad things certainly outweighs the list of good:

  • Random fire alarms
  • Random power outages
  • No water a few times
  • Brown water a few times
  • Horrible air conditioning that doesn’t work
  • Greenhouse effect because of the stupid not insulated glass windows
  • Elevators that broke all the time
  • Having to take an elevator
  • Having to hear said elevator every time it passes our floor through our walls
  • Dirty carpet
  • Electric stove (not a nice one, either)
  • Metal cabinets in the kitchen
  • Fluctuating water temperatures
  • Noisy neighbors
  • Crying Baby neighbor
  • Obnoxious person below us complained about us being noisy at 8 pm on a Friday night
  • Creepy old people
  • Creepy old person who tells me to get Alex away from her because she hasn’t taken her “pill”

It wasn’t all bad, though:

  • There is an insane amount of closet space
  • It is a very spacious 2 bedroom apartment
  • Ummm…

I can’t wait to move!

11 thoughts on “Movers Are Coming!

  1. Good luck with the move! I am not sure I would like a high rise apartment. For some reason, I always HAD to have an apartment that at least had a balcony. I never wanted to live where I had to go down many steps to get outside.

    Hope it is a great move!!!!!

  2. moving is always fun (well, I HAVE FUN MOVING).

    It’s a fresh start; to make new decisions and learn from your mistakes (this isn’t a good place for a junk drawer, let’s try one here … kinda thing).

    Yeah … I love unpacking and reorganizing.

    I’m sure Alex would LOVE to help.

  3. Woohoo! It’s going to rock over at your new place, I just know it. If it doesn’t? At least we’ll know who to blame–the landlord.

  4. i think every wall in a place should be CLOSET… all closets all the time 🙂 have fun with moving n’ stuff!

  5. Lots of good reasons to move. The scariest one was the old lady who hadn’t taken her pill yet though. yikes!!

    I found you through OHmommy’s site. :o) Just stopping by the say hi!

  6. Hey, congratulations on the move and on the Girl Indie invite! That is awesome!

    Have a safe move.

    I hope you can participate in Fun Monday – I’m hosting it on 7/28. Come see what the topic is…

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