The Big Clean

We cleaned out our old apartment yesterday and grabbed the last few things that were there.

Being there just further reminded me of how happy I am to not be there anymore. It was hot. It smelled kind of funky and the whole place looked worn out. The carpeting was stained in too many places, most of which was not because of us, and the kitchen was small and dirty. Even after we cleaned, everything looked gross.

What’s more: Both of our tubs had about 3 inches of dirty, smelly, gross water. They weren’t draining. It was awesome.

Fortunately, Alex had a great time being able to wander everywhere (except the bathrooms with the drowning hazard tubs):


Not so fortunately, I can’t find the USB cord to my camera. So, no photos of the new place just yet. Hopefully I’ll find it soon as there are many pictures to be shared!

9 thoughts on “The Big Clean

  1. Congrats on the new place…it sounds like the move was definitely needed. Alex sure looks happy playing with those paper towels!

  2. That is a wonderful feeling – when you can allow yourself to see the mess you are leaving behind and you no longer have to live in it (and accept it).

    If you totally lose the cable – I think most cameras now have a regularly used cable (usb small to usb large) and you can find them LOTS of places, but that would depend upon the camera.

    something like this? (this may not be the cheapest but it may be what you need).

    Not a bad thing to have an extra – I never seem to have it around when I need it.

  3. When you’re a little kid, there’s nothing better than getting to run around the empty rooms of a house and apartment! Its like, “Hey! WHere’d all the furniture go!”

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