November 2005

November 2005

Remember this? Gas was so expensive then.

As my best friend, Sarah, and I were starting off on our first of many (6, 8, 10?) drives from Northampton, MA, to Boston we were so unhappy about the fact that it was going to be over 40 dollars to fill up her tank. She drove a Chevy Suburban. Our dismay at spending 40 dollars to fill up a tank is laughable now. That same trip we drove around the entire city of Boston half a dozen times because we had never been there before and didn’t have a map. We were wild like that.

I was searching through old pictures attempting to find something of interest. This caught my eye, and fits perfectly into Carmi’s Thematic Photograph this week.

5 thoughts on “November 2005

  1. I remember lines at all pumps … and there were days you were NOT allowed to get gas unless your license plate began with a number, another day was A-L, and a day for M-Z. Gas was so very expensive at $1.70/gallon.

    I was very young and did not drive so I could be wrong on the cost … but it was over $1 – and it was so very expensive….

    I’m old like that.

  2. from the other side of the spectrum, and border.

    i worked at a grocery store as a teen in the ’60s; it was situated beside my uncle’s garage. both cigarettes and gasoline sold for a quarter – per pack and gallon.

    my friends and i would chip in 50 cents each for gas, light up our smokes and cruise the streets in a guzzler all night.

    warm bootleg beer – $14 per case of 24 (double the regular price).

    today, i don’t smoke (@ $10/pack), drive as little as possible (fuel @ $1.30 per litre) and make my own beer. the faster the prices rise the more self-reliant we’ll become.

    silver lining?

    gord h.

  3. Gosh… I’m not as old as Gord. *wink* Just close. But I can remember buying both gas and cigarettes in the 47-cent range in the 70’s. Strangely enough, beer didn’t go up in price like the other two did. Or maybe it was just that I drank the cheap stuff. We’d search the sofa cushions, scratch together enough to put a few gallons in the VW, and cruise the night away on a couple of gallons.

    And now? I quit drinking in the last century, am still a quit-in-progress on the cigarette front and try to drive as little as possible.

    And I considered taking a shot of the sign at the station near my office when it dropped to $3.68/gal earlier this week. (Hurry, supplies are limited!)

  4. I was excited to pay $3.56/gallon on Wednesday. I already had half a tank, but I saw the price and topped up. It’s $3.77 in my town, so I saved, like, $1.50 by filling up there. Or something.

    But, yeah… it’s it sick that we’re wistful about $2.15/gallon gas? It’s incredible to realize how little time has passed since then.


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