I Like The Way You Eat and Drink

I love watching Alex eat. It’s always a mess, which is a definite down side, but it’s so cute. The way he picks food up between his thumb and index finger, the way he shoves the food deep into his mouth, the way he licks his fingers when it’s a food he really likes, and the way he says “mmmm,” which I think is him mimicking me saying “Yum!”

Finger Lickin' Good

Finger Lickin' Good

Finger Lickin' Good

Recently, the most amusing part about feeding him is the sippy cup adventures. He doesn’t quite get the sippy cup yet. For the first few times I gave it to him, he just banged it around. Bang. Bang. Bang fall. Eventually, I got him to suck on it, and he realized, “Hey! Liquid comes out when I suck on it!” but he hasn’t figured out how to get it to work on his own.

First, there was the issue of “Where do I put my mouth?”

Not quite getting the sippy cup

Once he figured out where to put his mouth on his own, he came to the next dilemma: “Now that my mouth is on here, how do I get the liquid out?” He sucks and sucks, I can hear the air moving around in there, but nothing comes out. He doesn’t understand that he has to tilt the cup for liquid to come out.

Starting to understand the sippy cup

And, naturally, he wont let me help him tilt the cup. Now that he has figured out that it’s his sippy cup, and that he can put it to his mouth himself, he freaks out every time I attempt to tilt it for him. He gives me this look that says, “Get away, Devil woman! I can do it myself!” (In my head, Alex sometimes acts like Stewie from Family Guy.)

He’ll get it eventually. And until he does, it’s pretty amusing to watch.

We’re In For It!

Alex keeps getting caught in his crib slats. I’ll come in to him crying, and see him with one (or both!) leg stuck in between two slats. Jammed in there, a few inches above the mattress so he can’t quite sit down properly. He’s slumped over, crying, and his leg is stuck. It’s so pathetic. I figured it was because he was attempting to climb out.

Today, I realized I was right. Alex started climbing up the side of his play pen. How someone so small can be so strong is amazing. Oh dear, I think Alex is a climber!


Why Can’t I Look Cute?

I am a slob. Especially compared to my son. I throw on jeans and a t-shirt and call myself dressed 99% of the time. It’s a wonder I can get Alex dressed so well every day when I can’t manage to find a single nice outfit for myself. His clothes selection is amazing, from over 15 polo shirts and 8 pairs of jeans, to multiple jackets and converse sneakers (in navy). Everything is teeny tiny so it’s 100 times cuter than on an adult.

Needless to say, in comparison I always look like crap. Utter crap. Even on the days when I try to get dressed up, when I blow dry my hair and put on make up, I still look like I just can’t get it together. I do my best to look cute, to look like I care about what I look like. (You know, I secretly desire to be a MILF. Shhh. Don’t tell!) When you can’t fit into 3/4 of your clothes, though, you have problem numero uno. When you find something to put on, but you have to compete with a baby wearing an adorable hat and shorts that match, you have problem numero dos. And numero dos is a big problem.

But how can I compete?

"Smile for the camera!"

Happy with daddy


How can you not love a teeny tiny polo? Or teeny tiny Converses? Seriously, this kid has it made in the style department. Here I am, not quite a slob but definitely not looking my best, next to him, wearing his Rugby Polo:

Mama and Baby

Although, to be honest, he isn’t always well dressed. Take yesterday morning for example:

Who needs pants and a pair of socks?

No pants and only one sock and he still beat me on the cuteness factor. Not much can compete with a baby, I’ve learned.

Fourth Of July Madness

I made the cutest cake for the Fourth of July:

Not only was it very pretty, if I do say so myself, but it was delicious, too! I actually made two of them. One full sized one, pictured, and two small ones. They were a perfect way to celebrate!

Fourth of July Cake

In true American celebratory spirit, I also drank a bit too much. Yesterday morning my brain was not happy with my behavior the night before and decided to take it out on my temples and eyeballs. Becoming a Mother seems to have aged me very quickly.

In other news, Alex may be the next Schwarzenegger:

Alex takes on the weights

Alex takes on the weights

Alex takes on the weights

Alex takes on the weights

Alex takes on the weights

…or maybe not. I don’t think Arnold ever ate his weights.

Paging Dr. Freud! …Help?

Two nights ago I awoke to the Worst. Dream. Ever. While that may not say much comparing it to my dreams of shopping, walking around the park or talking with a friend about the most recent episode of Lost, I can honestly say that I cannot imagine a worse dream. It was awful.

Worst Dream Ever started like any other dream I may have…

I was at the Pittsburgh Zoo with Alex. My camera was around my neck and I was enjoying a leisurely stroll, taking pictures and pointing to the animals. Alex was people watching, not taking any notice in the animals. When we reached the Lions, I put the brakes on the stroller and zoomed in to take a picture.

Alex was making all sorts of noises, so I looked down to see what was going on. He wasn’t in his stroller. When I looked up, I saw a man holding Alex.

I had never seen this man before. Alex reached his arms out toward me as the man started walking away. I threw my camera into the stroller and started chasing after the strange man holding my son. He started running. I started running. I was screaming and screaming, “Stop him! He has my child!” but no one was doing anything.

The man was getting away. He was much faster than I was, and I was angry at myself for wearing flip flops. I couldn’t run fast enough. I saw a couple and decided that I would enlist their help. The man looked at me and stood up with worry in his eyes. “Somebody stole my baby! That man kidnapped my son!”

He started running after the man who had taken Alex. He was running extremely fast, and it looked like he was going to catch up.

The path to the zoo was just one long straight-a-way. I could see them gaining distance on me. I continued to run as fast as I could, but was not anywhere near catching up to them. I could hear Alex screaming and crying.

Suddenly, I had a horrible pain on my left foot. I continued running. The pain got worse and worse. My foot was starting to go numb. I couldn’t run anymore.

I sat down on a small bench, and the wife of the man who was chasing after Alex sat down next to me. She looked at my foot and had a look of utter horror on her face. “I think you got a snake bite…” I looked at my foot, and could tell she was right. There were two small, deep, wounds, bleeding profusely. My foot was completely numb, and I could feel my lower leg tingling.

The snake bite was quickly paralyzing me.

Looking up, I couldn’t see Alex anymore. I couldn’t see the man chasing after them. I burst into tears, and the woman told me that everything would be okay.

When I woke up, my eyes shot open. I looked around the room. I could see a small amount of light entering through our curtains.

Alex was fast asleep. He was curled up, laying on his side, in the corner of his crib, arms wrapped around the bumper. His blanket was kicked off of him, and his little socks were falling off of his feet.
I put the blanket on top of him, and crept back into bed.

Worst. Dream. Ever.


Thursday Thirteen #5

This is part 5 in my Thursday Thirteen series, getting me up to 104 things about me!


Allison’s Thursday Thirteen: Part 5

1. I was in the 5th percentile for height until I was in 5th grade. I hit a growth spurt at that time, and since then have been just above average. I’m 5′5″ now.
2. I love to sleep. If I could, I would sleep for 12 hours a night and be thrilled.
3. I took four years of French. I couldn’t hold a conversation in french if my life depended on it!
4. I have gone on many long drives. My Mother and I always drove places. We drove from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin, PA to Florida, PA to MA, PA to ME, PA to AR…basically, I have spent an enormous amount of time in the car!
5. I type at around 100 words per minute It varies a bit. I just took two typing tests online and got 98 and 112 wpm. (I am always about 95% accurate too.)
6. I have freakish hair. It grows insanely fast. I can chop it all off and within a year it will be back down to my shoulders.
7. I love taking baths. I don’t take them to get clean, but to relax. Generally, I shower and then take a bath to relax. It’s wasteful, so it doesn’t happen very often.
8. I hate buying people presents from a list. I feel like it doesn’t show how much I care when I just choose a gift from a wish-list (like on Amazon.com), so I try to rely on thinking of something on my own.
9. I love to shop. Fortunately, I’m also really cheap. The two even each other out pretty well.
10. I have bad knees. They got bad during that growth spurt and have never been great since then. While I rarely feel them now, I still can’t run very much without them throbbing.
11. I love Pixar. They make the most unbelievable movies.
12. I enjoy reading Sci-Fi. My most recent read was “Red Planet” and I loved it.
13. I wish I had a talent. Most people are amazing at something and I haven’t yet found my something. Hopefully I will.