To Dry, Or Not To Dry?

I can’t decide if it’s a good thing that Alex has some of my qualities. In particular, he has my hair style and texture. I think the color can be contributed to Zach, as my hair didn’t turn blonde until I was a toddler, but the thickness is all me. And with that, the inability to dry in a reasonable time frame.

Post Bath PJ Fun!

After his bath a few nights ago, Alex wasn’t quite ready for bed yet. So, we let him play with us on the couch for about an hour. This picture was one of the last ones I took of the night, and his hair was still sopping wet.

People tell me I’m lucky that my hair is so thick. People tell me that even when I get older and it starts to thin, I’ll still have tons of hair. People tell me I should enjoy the fact that it’s got a lot of wave in it. I hope those things are true for a boy, too.

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