California, Here We Come!

Alex and I leave for a ten day vacation in California on Monday. We wont be arriving at our destination until after 1 in the morning. This means it will be after 4 in the morning, Pittsburgh time, and I will have not slept a wink because Alex will have been in my arms the whole time. (Stupid me not splurging on buying Alex his very own seat!)

I’m really excited, though. My Uncle Mike and Aunt Jill, who I will be staying with (along with my Mother who has been house sitting for them on and off all summer while they vacationed and visited their daughter in the Peace Corps), are some of the most amazing people I have ever known. They are funny, intelligent, and completely nonjudgemental. Mike is sweet, a great story teller, and always has beer on demand. Jill is genuinely caring, beautiful, and possibly the best cook I have ever encountered. She prepares exquisite meals every. single. night. Seriously, how could I not love being with them?

The last time I was there was at Thanksgiving, when Alex was just turning 3 months old. He was smiling, occasionally giggling, and learning how to grab and shake things. His sleep habits were awful, but he was still very charming.

When we first arrived, I managed to take this “classic Uncle Mike” shot:

Alex Crying With Mike

Alex Crying With Mike

It’s classic because for some reason babies always cry the first time he holds them. There are numerous photos of Mike holding me as a baby while I wail in his arms. Alex ended up loving him (as did I!), but it took a few hours.

Jill is one of those women who has “the touch” with children. She could make Alex fall asleep in less than a minute, make him smile any time she felt like it, and entertain him for hours. Alex adored her, and I know he will love her even more now that he’s older!

Alex on Thanksgiving Day, 2007

Alex on Thanksgiving Day, 2007

It will have been over eight months since Mike and Jill last saw Alex. He has grown tremendously, crossed so many developmental milestones, and has become such a wonderful little person.

I can’t wait for them to meet him again! And, of course, I can’t wait to see them, either!

SO Happy!

2 thoughts on “California, Here We Come!

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE California – is my most favorite place on earth.

    I can’t wait till I can take my girls there, I know they will fall in love instantly, as I did!

    Can I borrow your relatives, they sound absolutely wonderful – and I can really make use of relatives located in my most favorite place on earth.

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