How Old?

When people just take a quick look at Alex, they are always surprised when I say he is ___ months. It’s been like this since he was born. The first time I went out with him he was 10 days old and the two people that asked thought he had to be a month old.

Now, with eight teeth, huge hands, tons of hair, and a smile that draws anyone in, people always assume he’s at least a year old.

I guess when you’re this cool, it’s hard not to look older:

Alex Wearing Sun Glasses

Alex Wearing Sunglasses

4 thoughts on “How Old?

  1. I have the same problem. My daughter is tall like her mommy and people seem to think she is 5 when she is still a month away from her 4th birthday. It drives me crazy. LOL!! You son is just toooo…. adorable.

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