East Coast, Here We Come!

Alex has adjusted to West Coast time. Surprise? No. We are leaving tonight, so naturally he figures out the time change today.

We are taking another red eye with a flight change in Las Vegas. I’m not looking forward to having to wait around the Vegas airport again, but at least this time our layover is less than an hour. If all goes well, Alex will sleep the whole time in my arms. (Actually, if all goes really well there will be an extra seat and he can sleep in his car seat!)

While this trip has been anything but relaxing, it has certainly been wonderful. Spending time with my family was great and I am going to miss them dearly. Having a gourmet meal prepared for me every night was just one of the many perks of being here! It will be sad to leave, but I am looking forward to getting back home.

I have taken over 300 pictures since we arrived, so once I get back I will have many wonderful photos to share! Alex enjoyed playing outside with buckets of water, we went to the beach, we took a wonderful drive, played with four birds and two dogs, and I started cloth diapering. I’m sure you are really excited about seeing the cute cloth diapers.

East coast, here we come!

5 thoughts on “East Coast, Here We Come!

  1. I’m really interested in hearing how cloth diapering goes.

    Although I’m not planning on spawning in the near future, I often talk about eco-friendly baby-raising strategies with my mom, my pregnant or mommy-friends, and, strangely enough, with the mothers of the swimmers I teach.

    Travel safely on your way home! Glad you had a nice visit out west.

  2. Sounds like guys have had a great trip. It’s always nice to visit with family. I feel so bad for you that your little one wouldn’t take a snooze. That must be hard. I would be going crazy. Let me know how the cloth diapers work out. You’re a brave girl to venture down that road. LOL!!

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