I Forgot to Mention…

Alex is walking.

And talking.

Sort of.

He can walk, but he chooses to crawl almost all of the time.

And he calls me “Mama!” …but he also calls a lot of things “Mama.” And he says “Baba!” for “Bye Bye!” while waving. He also says “Baba!” whenever he finds a ball…but he also calls a lot of things “Baba.”

Hanging Out

6 thoughts on “I Forgot to Mention…

  1. Our sons are about the same age! Little J was born on the 6th. I think Alex has a bigger vocabulary than James does… He calls everything and everyone dada. The only think he says that isn’t dada is tada, and we think that means “thank you”. We’re not sure.
    Alex is adorable, and happy early birthday to him!

  2. Woo! Walking and Talking. 🙂 Sophia is almost walking. She has a Radio Flyer Scoot About that she was pushing around the room today. She wasn’t on it, but standing in front of the handle bars and pushing it around. She’s also been walking around the perimeter of all the rooms by hanging onto the walls for the last couple days. I really think she’s almost there! No talking yet though. Just babble.

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