Two Flights, No Sleep, Touchy People…

Alex and I had to take two flights to get here. We had to change planes in Las Vegas, of all horrible places. I have never been to Las Vegas, but if the airport is a small taste of the city I never want to go. It was bright, loud, there were drunk people everywhere, and there were slot machines. In the airport. Seriously? You want to gamble while you are waiting for your plane? You want to get drunk at the kagillion bars that are in every wing of the airport? It was only midnight Las Vegas-time, but it was 3am my time and I had been holding a heavy infant for hours while carrying a million bags all over the place since 5pm, so needless to say I was not in the mood.

Anyway. Alex was great. He slept the entirety of both flights. Unfortunately for me, he’s a big boy. Quite frankly, he’s too big. It was difficult to get comfortable holding him, and every time he picked a new position his foot or head or arms would either be touching the people sitting next to us or jamming themselves into the arm rests or out into the aisle where they could be run over by the (two dollars each) drink carts.

The worst part about the flights, though, was the twelve people that touched Alex. Yes. Twelve. I counted.

On the second, short, flight, there was a middle-aged woman sitting behind us. She had bleached hair, too much jewelry, a god-awful wedding ring, and was wearing spandex, leopard-print, pants. Talk about tacky. She fit right in at the Las Vegas airport. Unfortunately, as always, Alex was a charmer. He kept smiling at her, peaking around the chair, trying to play peek-a-boo. She was having a grand ol’ time playing with him. I was fine with it all, as it was distracting Alex from the fact that it was 3am and he was exhausted. Until she touched him. She put her nasty, super long, fake nail covered hands all over his face. She touched his hands and his hair. Again and again. And again.

I turned around and gave her a nasty look and didn’t let Alex get anywhere near the back of the seat again. She was the twelfth person to touch him that night, and I was fed up.

What makes her even worse? She was hacking up a lung the entire flight.

If Alex gets sick I’m going to find that tacky woman and punch her.

Alex Playing With Keys

The Cuteness is Almost Unbearable

Evan took this picture with his iPhone last week:

Alex and Zach, cuddling.

Alex and Zach, cuddling.

I love it! My two handsome boys, cuddling. (Alex is not a cuddly boy, so getting a picture of one of those two-second intervals where he decides he loves you is awesome.)

California, Here We Come!

Alex and I leave for a ten day vacation in California on Monday. We wont be arriving at our destination until after 1 in the morning. This means it will be after 4 in the morning, Pittsburgh time, and I will have not slept a wink because Alex will have been in my arms the whole time. (Stupid me not splurging on buying Alex his very own seat!)

I’m really excited, though. My Uncle Mike and Aunt Jill, who I will be staying with (along with my Mother who has been house sitting for them on and off all summer while they vacationed and visited their daughter in the Peace Corps), are some of the most amazing people I have ever known. They are funny, intelligent, and completely nonjudgemental. Mike is sweet, a great story teller, and always has beer on demand. Jill is genuinely caring, beautiful, and possibly the best cook I have ever encountered. She prepares exquisite meals every. single. night. Seriously, how could I not love being with them?

The last time I was there was at Thanksgiving, when Alex was just turning 3 months old. He was smiling, occasionally giggling, and learning how to grab and shake things. His sleep habits were awful, but he was still very charming.

When we first arrived, I managed to take this “classic Uncle Mike” shot:

Alex Crying With Mike

Alex Crying With Mike

It’s classic because for some reason babies always cry the first time he holds them. There are numerous photos of Mike holding me as a baby while I wail in his arms. Alex ended up loving him (as did I!), but it took a few hours.

Jill is one of those women who has “the touch” with children. She could make Alex fall asleep in less than a minute, make him smile any time she felt like it, and entertain him for hours. Alex adored her, and I know he will love her even more now that he’s older!

Alex on Thanksgiving Day, 2007

Alex on Thanksgiving Day, 2007

It will have been over eight months since Mike and Jill last saw Alex. He has grown tremendously, crossed so many developmental milestones, and has become such a wonderful little person.

I can’t wait for them to meet him again! And, of course, I can’t wait to see them, either!

SO Happy!

To Dry, Or Not To Dry?

I can’t decide if it’s a good thing that Alex has some of my qualities. In particular, he has my hair style and texture. I think the color can be contributed to Zach, as my hair didn’t turn blonde until I was a toddler, but the thickness is all me. And with that, the inability to dry in a reasonable time frame.

Post Bath PJ Fun!

After his bath a few nights ago, Alex wasn’t quite ready for bed yet. So, we let him play with us on the couch for about an hour. This picture was one of the last ones I took of the night, and his hair was still sopping wet.

People tell me I’m lucky that my hair is so thick. People tell me that even when I get older and it starts to thin, I’ll still have tons of hair. People tell me I should enjoy the fact that it’s got a lot of wave in it. I hope those things are true for a boy, too.