Turning One is a Big Deal

It’s hard to believe that I have a one year old. A walking, semi-talking, little person.

Alex had a wonderful Birthday and Birthday Party. We went to a nice little Italian restaurant on his Birthday and he enjoyed eating tons of white bread and tortellini. Seriously, he ate about a pound of bread. It was impressive.

"I'm 1!"

Wearing his “I’m 1” shirt, made by the wonderful and talented Karen, everyone knew without asking how old he was! At lunch the next day, a (clearly naive) waitress asked, “How old is he? Three or four months?” I almost laughed in her face, but refrained and answered her nicely.

Thanks to Zach’s father, “Big D” to Alex, an unbelievable cake was made to celebrate Alex turning one:

Wall-E Cake!

If I could take all of the credit, I would. But the credit is due almost entirely to Big D! The cake turned out fantastically, and Alex clearly enjoyed it:

Wall-E Cake!  and Alex eating him

By the end of the afternoon, Alex was exhausted. He had played with everyone for hours, had cake, opened presents, and played some more. He took a nice two hour nap while some cleaning was able to occur, and was refreshed and ready to play some more when he woke up!

All in all, the Birthday madness was a success!

Alex and Daddy

9 thoughts on “Turning One is a Big Deal

  1. Looks like you guys had a terrific day. One is a special birthday. I remember being so excited when we had our daughters first birthday. I was like a big kid. I loved the cake. It turned out great.

  2. Okay, so what do I have to offer Big D to come make cakes for my girls’ birthdays?

    Happy Birthday, Alex.

    I was part-way through your birth story below, but I gotta get back to work. I’ll check back later. (Oh, and Alex, you owe your momma big time…)


  3. I just saw the mention of cake on Plurk and had to check it out!

    Our little guys are about the same age–your cutie has way more hair *sigh* J was actually due on the 9th and came a month early.

    That cake is awesome and Alex is a doll!!!

    Congratulations! Aren’t they a blast!

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