And What Can Your Child Do?

Like all parents, sometimes I have to check myself. Too often I find myself comparing Alex to other kids his age (or even ones who are not his age). Are they walking? Is Alex walking better? Does Alex say more words? Less? When did your kid get their first tooth? Why can’t Alex mimic me better? Is he smart? How did you get your kid to drink from a sippy cup so quickly? Why can’t Alex feed himself with a spoon yet? Is it normal that he can’t point to his nose?

…and it goes on and on.

So, instead of focusing on all of his accomplishments and comparing them to others, I like to focus on all of the funny things he does. Things that many babies may do, or maybe they are unique. Either way, I don’t care. I enjoy watching Alex grow and do new things, so I have to take pride in the fact that he is wonderful, right?

  • “Mama” means Mama! “Mama” is also something he says to people he really likes.

  • “Baba”…well, “Baba” means so many different things. It’s his bottle, a ball, bye bye, and the majority of the lyrics to the song he always sings. He also calls his cars and trucks “Baba.”
  • He understands a lot. Ask him to find his foot and BAM! he found it. Ask him to find his hair? Well, he found his ear! “Brush your hair” sounds very similar to “grab your ear,” right? “Where’s your nose?” gets the wonderful reaction of him reaching out and smacking your face. Right around your nose. If he doesn’t smack you, he will grab ahold of your nostril, possibly drawing blood. He understands food, lunch, dinner, applesauce, banana and fish sticks. Say any one of those things and he’ll bounce up and down and start breathing heavily. He’ll also make his way to the kitchen.
  • He likes to put his tongue on his teeth and rub it back and forth across his mouth while making noise. Try it, it makes a great noise.
  • He sings lovely songs for me. “Ba ba ba wa la ma ma la ba” are pretty consistent lyrics. He can’t carry a tune, or hit any note, but because he dances while singing it’s okay.
  • He needs to put every. single. finger. in his mouth when he eats. Unless he’s distracted, in which case he may miss his mouth entirely and drop the food on his shirt.
  • He screams. Just for the heck of it. Sometimes he’s happy when he’s screaming. Sometimes he’s trying to get your attention. Often, it’s when he’s in the car, which is a great place for extremely loud, high-pitched, noises, while one of us is attempting to not to kill us.
  • The sippy cup is still a long way away from being a source of liquid for him. He holds it, puts his mouth on it, and sucks away. But he doesn’t tilt it, so he just sucks on air.
  • He waddles when he walks. You can’t wonder why they are called “Toddlers” when you see a baby walking!
  • Recently, he has taken a liking to taking his diaper off. Mostly when he’s supposed to be napping. He has pooped in his crib not once, but twice. I wont show you the pictures because I don’t want to speak with child services about why my son was naked, covered in his own poop, and crying. (He cried when I walked out of the room to get the camera. He had been having fun with the poop.)

  • (Edited post to add:)He always gets the joke. If adults are conversing with each other and start to laugh about something, he will be watching, waiting, and suddenly burst out laughing. The laugh is obviously fake, and is a low “heh. Heh. Heh.” It’s absolutely hilarious. A vicious cycle, too, because you can’t not laugh at his fake laugh, which makes him continue the fake laugh.

  • 6 thoughts on “And What Can Your Child Do?

    1. Oh no, another kid my Chloe’s age who’s already walking! (She isn’t) See, I can relate to your post 🙂 So true how we compare. Just the other day I heard that another baby I know can right a book to the correct way and open left to right. I accused my husband of not reading enough to our little one so that she can accomplish this neat trick too. Now, though, she has just started tossing books out of their tub until she finds one she wants read, hands it to daddy and points to the pictures/characters. Phew! She’s progressing 😉

    2. Omg he is too cute! I love all the little things like that kids do. My son watched that video and he was talking back to your

    3. Whoa, he and Pufferfish have A LOT in common! Pufferfish also calls everything she likes “mama,” including food, stuffed animals, etc. She also will yell, “MAMA!” at ANYONE, including her five-year-old sister, when she wants attention! PLus she’s been taking her diaper off, which she thinks is lots of fun. And she seems to “get” jokes too… when everyone else laughs, she laughs, like she agrees thats totally funny!

    4. what a cutie! I agree, it is more fun to observe what cute things your baby does rather than compare. it’s a little tougher when you have two babies, because part of you is always thinking, “didn’t baby A walk/talk more/know where her nose was by now?” You get over it (you hope!). I know I have with my two. Although part of that is it’s so exhausting, you forget all the milestones and when the first one reached ’em!


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