The One Where I Admit I Love When My Son Is Sick

No one likes a sick baby. They are snotty, they don’t cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough, thus guaranteeing that you will end up with whatever they have, they wont sleep by themselves, if they sleep at all, and they insist on your attention 24/7.

I have to admit (again) that I love it. When Alex is sick, he is so sweet. He wants to be held all the time, he looks up at me with his sad little eyes and just wants me. Holding him is wonderful. He curls his little legs in, buries his face in my chest, and just relaxes.

No one likes a sick baby. But I love the cuddling. As I’m writing this, Alex is curled up on my chest breathing loudly. His eyes are watery, there is snot all over his face, and he keeps coughing in my mouth. He is a gross little thing right now, but as he looks into my eyes for comfort I can’t help but love this calmness. This rare moment when he really needs me.

Sick Alex

11 thoughts on “The One Where I Admit I Love When My Son Is Sick

  1. Oh, poor baby! It does suck when they’re sick but it’s nice not to have to chase them down for some lovin’. I hope he gets better soon (but not too soon) and that you don’t get it too bad 🙂

  2. Poor thing. I hope he feels better fast. Drink your OJ and keep your fingers crossed that you don’t get sick. -I have to admit..I also like it when they just curl up in your arms.

  3. Poor little baby. Being sick is no fun. I too like it when my kids are sick because we have one on one cuddle time.

    Hope he feels better soon.

  4. Totally! Pufferfish had RSV a few weeks ago, which REALLY sucked. But the one nice part was how cuddly she was! One morning she woke up early and loudly demanded her bottle. When I made her one, she lay down and drank it really fast, then tossed it aside. I thought she was going to try to get up and play, but instead she climbed across the bed to me, curled up in my arms, and went back to sleep! It was so sweet…

  5. My WildChild is the most pathetic thing when she is sick. She lays around and talks in a whisper – I SO ENJOY these times but at the same time I want to take away all that makes her miserable … but me being a miserable wreck and her leaping from room to room doesn’t at all sound like a welcome alternative.

  6. Awww, poor baby boy. I hope he gets better soon! He is SO adorable! I wish mine would cuddle and want to be held when he is sick. All he does is the same thing, (terrorize the house), just a little louder and whinier.

  7. We have said many times that if it weren’t for the fact that she’s miserable and nobody gets any sleep, we love when Maggie’s sick (okay not REALLY) because she’s so super snuggly. She NEVER wants to snuggle with us, so it’s quite a treat. However, at 3am with a runny nose… not so much.

    Hope he gets better soon! (But not before you get in some more snuggling!! hehe)

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