Snotty Baby

Poor Alex has been sick for a solid week. I had no idea that someone so little could produce so much mucus. Between his nose constantly running, the phlegm he is coughing up, and what I can only imagine is teething pain thanks to all of the biting, he is an unhappy camper.

There are no more wonderful cuddling moments, either. He doesn’t want to be held, but he doesn’t want to play by himself. He wont really nap, because he can’t breathe very well, but he doesn’t want to stay awake. He hasn’t eaten a real meal in a week, but he reaches for any food I am eating or try to give him, and when he puts it in his mouth he chews it and then promptly spits it out.

Hopefully he feels better soon. Or if he doesn’t, I hope he will resume his enjoyment of the cuddling.

Sleeping Alex

At least he is napping now. If he follows his recent trend, he’ll wake up in five minutes. Exactly fifteen minutes after he finally fell asleep.

6 thoughts on “Snotty Baby

  1. aawww – I’ve so been there! A humidifier really helped Sophia sleep better when she was sick. We just bought a regular cold water one.

  2. Poor little dude. Pufferfish was that sick too for a while. She ended up with RSV and needed a nebulizer and everything, but she turned out okay. Poor babies! Its so sad to see their little bodies get that sick!

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