Zach, Alex and I went to another Burgh Mom get together. This time it was family-friendly and hosted at the lovely Kim’s abode. The kids were all able to run around (Zach played “baseball” for a good two hours with Kim’s hilarious 3 year old son, Oliver), the parents were able to chat, and we all had good beer and good food.

Red Pen Mama and her wonderful almost-4 year old daughter, Monkey, were able to make it, even though her younger daughter was a bit under the weather. Monkey took over the job I had been given by Kim’s daughter Eleanor of blowing bubbles as soon as she arrived, and was nice enough to share her books with Alex and Eleanor. Of course, Alex continually threw them on the ground, banged them on the table, and successfully put every one in his mouth. (Sorry for the soggy books Red Pen Mama!)

A “new” Burgh Mom joined us: Mary. Her youngest is only six months old, and it was wonderful to see a smaller baby. Alex has always been large for his age, so that so-cute-tiny–want-to-cuddle-little-baby stage ended, well, the second he was born at almost 10 pounds.

Throughout the afternoon, Alex’s favorite phrase was “Uh oh!” When he dropped something, when he was walking in circles, when he was coming to get some food “uh oh!” was coming out of his mouth. It’s been his favorite thing to say for a few days now, but he reached an all new record saying it yesterday.

“Uh oh! UHHH…oh. uh…OH! UH OH!” The entire drive home after leaving Kim’s was full of them, ranging in volume and intonation. So silly.

Funny Boy

7 thoughts on “Uh-Oh!

  1. Oh, we are no strangers to wet anything around here. Bun is still the queen of drool (cannot wait until those back teeth come in), and lately, when Monkey has decided to be a dog, she carries things around in her mouth.

    Fun seeing you on Sunday. That Alex is a cutie!!


  2. Had a great time on Sunday! Alex is adorable. So glad the kids had fun. Uh-oh was the first word of both of my older kids. Wonder what the baby will say?

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