Who Needs Pants?

When we are at home, Alex rarely wears pants. Wearing pants all the time makes the already annoyingly-squirmy diaper changes even worse and means I have to do that much more laundry. More importantly, there is something so amazingly cute about a baby wearing nothing but a diaper and a shirt.


Wearing his cloth diapers, it is a cuteness overload. The fact that you can match a diaper to a shirt makes the no-pants-look even better.

Leaning against the wall

Of course, there is also the fact that babies wearing full outfits are adorable, too. Something about putting miniature adult clothes on a baby gets me every time. Alex wearing his nice jeans, or cargo pants, or plaid shorts, with a polo shirt, nice sweater, or a hooded sweatshirt, always makes me smile.

Hanging out

6 thoughts on “Who Needs Pants?

  1. You do cloth diapers? What brand/kind? What detergent do you use? I really thought about going cloth but Kurt was grossed out by the thought of washing them in the same washer as our clothes.

  2. He is such a sweetie. I also let my 4 year old run around in just a shirt and underwear. I’ve been doing this since she was born. She loves it. I can never keep her clothes on for long anyway. LOL!!

  3. Wow, cloth! I applaud your efforts. We thought about it, but it never panned out.

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