Why I Love My Son

This past December, my phone stopped charging. It would indicate that it was fully charged, but when I tried to make a call I couldn’t talk on it for more than 3 minutes before it would die. Fortunately, I was able to get a new phone from my Best Friend, Sarah.

Unfortunately, that phone stopped working last week. Every once in a while I would let Alex play with my phone. He was just so. fascinated. by it. He loved that it not only opened, but that it opened two different ways. He loved that when you pressed a button something happened on the screen. He loved that he was playing with something that he knew he wasn’t really supposed to be playing with.

Suddenly the phone stopped making noise. It wouldn’t ring. When I called someone, I couldn’t hear it ringing and I couldn’t hear them talking. My poor Mother had to deal with me acting like an idiot, swearing at my phone, completely unaware that she could hear me. (Think Michael Cera in Superbad.)

Obviously, a broken phone requires getting a new phone.

Thank goodness for credit cards, because I splurged and bought myself a beautiful iPhone. It’s the first thing I’ve bought for myself in… months. (Unless you count Starbucks.)

I’m officially a cool kid. And so is Alex for breaking my phone so that I didn’t have to.

Black and White Alex

8 thoughts on “Why I Love My Son

  1. First of all, that is a phenomenal portrait of Alex.

    Second of all, I am snorting at the image of you doing a Michael Cera Superbad Moment on your mom. Sorry. 🙂

  2. *handing crappy phone over to J*

    Go ahead baby, you can bite it . . . throw it . . . step on it . . . drop in in the toilet. It’s OK.

    Mommy needs a new phone.

    THANKS for the idea!!!

  3. What a precious photo. My son loves cellphones, too. When he opens it, he looks up at me like “NO FREAKIN’ WAY.” And I totally want an iPhone. I’m going to send mine over there to Alex so he can break mine.

  4. Can your kid have a chat with my kids about the whole break-the-parent’s-phone gig? I want to replace my BlackBerry (beloved, but oh so corporate and sober) with an iPhone because, well, just because.

    I guess I want to be a cool kid, too 🙂

    Thematic Photographic’s happening over at my place. Can you use your new wondermachine to divine up a blurry picture? That’s the new theme…I know you can do it, Allison!

  5. that is not an adorable photo the child is blatantly ugly. why do ugly people have children i will never know

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