More Words? …Or Not.

I keep thinking Alex has new words, but then I can’t get him to say them again. Or at least not around anyone else, so then I have to question my sanity. (“Can he really say it? Or am I just imagining that he is?”)

He says “keys” but it sounds much more like “gis.”
He says “banana” but it is simply “nana.”

Today? I swear he said “cheese” when I gave him some cheese and crackers for a snack. “Chiz. Chiz. Chiz.”

But now I think maybe I’m crazy. The only word that he is consistent about is “baba” for B-O-T-T-L-E. And he is slowly having the B-O-T-T-L-E taken away from him (I can only spell it now, because if I say it out loud he wont rest until he has one).

[Imagine an adorable picture of Alex here. My USB cable doesn’t seem to be working. Or maybe my USB on my computer isn’t. Either way, I have no new pictures of Alex. Here is my favorite picture ever, though, even though it’s blurry and was taken on an iPhone.]
Daddy and Baby, Day 1.

7 thoughts on “More Words? …Or Not.

  1. I am pulling that one too. Like last night I thought I heard him say A B C D..maybe he did maybe he didn’t. Lol. Cute Cute picture!!

  2. Allison, you’re not imagining them, he’s testing out words… you can help him by reiterating them as he says them. If you’re sure of a word he says, say it over for him a few times so he hears the correct pronunciation and praise him for saying them! Soon, he’ll get up the confidence to repeat the words for you and others!

    What a fun stage!

  3. That is an adorable picture. He looks the same! Only bigger. šŸ™‚

    I hear you on the b-o-t-t-l-e thing. Bun cannot hear the word binky or see one. she will cry and cry. I don’t give in, but I may be alone in my “wean Bun from the binky” campaign.


  4. What a cute picture!

    I am always having that “is that a word or babble” dialogue, myself! I think it only counts if you hear it several days later and unprompted (like a point at something and then saying the word). But who knows? šŸ™‚

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