Maybe He’s Finally Getting It?

The sippy cup adventures are not near an end, yet. Alex still doesn’t seem to get that he has to tilt the sippy cup in order to get any milk out of it. To make matters worse, he doesn’t even try anymore. He just holds the sippy cup out to me whenever he wants a drink and expects me to give it to him. If I don’t help, he throws the sippy cup on the floor, angry at me, and won’t drink. Awesome.

Today I got him to try drinking from it himself again. He wasn’t able to get any milk, and right after this picture handed the cup to me, but at least he tried. And at least he’s cute whether he’s trying or throwing.

Thanks, Carmi, for allowing me to post my blurry picture.

Blurry Sippy Cup Drinking

12 thoughts on “Maybe He’s Finally Getting It?

  1. Have you tried a cup with a straw? Caleb had a few of them made by Nuby brand I think. He is such a cutie btw. Love the Gap hoodie!

  2. It took Maggie a long time to get the cup thing. I think she understood the tipping thing, but she would always spit out everything she drank. Sooo frustrating. Just hang in there and keep at it with him- one day, he’ll just GET IT and you’ll be like ‘Seriously? I didn’t even do anything???!!’ lol

  3. We too have had sippy cup meltdowns and spit outs. And we’ve tried like 15 different kinds. We just started the Nuby one with a straw. So far so good. Target carries them.

  4. I remember the sippy cups days. It really wasn’t that long ago. My little one liked me to feed it to her too. I figured why not. She won’t be this little for ever. I might as well enjoy it while I can. She did eventually get it. Now, she’s 4 and thinks I’m crazy when I want to help her with it. LOL!!

  5. So – I tried EVERY single stupid sippy cup with my son. And then I found the Nuby. And he hated that one, too.

    Until I realized that what he actually hated was the JUICE and not the sippy cup.

    *hangs head in shame*

  6. Our kids took a while to take to the cups, too. Before long, even these will be history, though. I’m still having trouble watching our youngest pour juice into a large glass. Visions is shattered shards all over the kitchen table dance through my head!

    New theme’s up over at my place. This week…happy! And considering how happy your munchkin is, I know you’ll have lots to share!

  7. My son was the same. I tried the straw cups too but no luck. It just took a few weeks and one day it finally clicked. He still can’t use the straw cups. Alex looks so cute trying!

  8. It took Alexis FOREVER to figure out sippy cups and straw cups. I finally took all the stopper things out of them (which meant it was easy to spill) so that the liquid poured easily when Alexis finally figured out to tilt the cup back. That was what finally got it to click for her.

    At least he’s cute trying. Right?

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