It’s About To Get Worse, Isn’t It?

Remember this? You know, the one where I complained about strangers touching Alex? That issue has not stopped. I have learned to very obviously ignore whoever is touching my son, and will generally even move away from them. I have not (yet) said anything rude, although I have certainly wanted to. A few times I have lied, saying that he has a cold or pink eye. That seems to be the only thing that actually influences people to stop touching him.

I thought it was getting better, because I have gone out with him a few times recently and no one has done anything more than wave, smile, and maybe attempt small talk with him. (Yes, small talk with Alex. Not me.) That’s fine. I smile at babies when I see them, and if they are smiling back I may wave or say, “Hi!” to them. No problem there.

Today, I realized that it’s about to get worse.

Now that the weather is getting cold here, Alex is in dire need of sweaters. He only had three, so, naturally, I needed to fix that. Alex and I went to a nice children’s consignment store near our house, exchanging some of his smaller stuff for newer, warmer, clothing. While I attempted to fit through the very narrow aisles with Alex strapped to my back, a woman said “Hi!” to him and he. said. “hi.” back.

Distinctly. There was no mistaking it. He said “hi!”

After we checked out, we headed to Target for some Milk. (And a sweater. And a hat and mitten set.) While we were checking out, the cashier did the typical “Hi-how-are-you-today-ma’am?” blur of words, to which Alex responded, “Hi!” and waved. (The stereotypical baby/toddler backward wave.)

So amazingly adorable. The moment was only slightly dulled by the fact that the woman standing in line behind us touched Alex’s cheek and then bounced his foot up and down while he was sitting peacefully in the shopping cart.


8 thoughts on “It’s About To Get Worse, Isn’t It?

  1. Awe!!! I would be in love, big time! J really doesn’t do much more than “baaa” “daaaa” and recently, “maaaaa” . . . and a few other indecipherable words/phrases.

    maaaaa melted my heart, even if he was pointing to the remote control when he first said it . . .

    That face . . . and that beautiful head of hair. No wonder people can’t keep their hands off . . .

  2. You know, that totally wouldn’t happen if you didn’t have such an adorable kid. (pbthhh, Louise.)

    Have you tried the leprosy bit yet? Might put more fear into people than a regular cold… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Man, you must live near some VERY forward people (notice I didn’t just say ‘friendly’! heh) Maggie says hi to just about everyone we pass in stores, but nobody has ever tried to touch her- thank GOODNESS! Maybe you SHOULD get one of those signs you posted about a while back ๐Ÿ˜‰ hehe

  4. hahaha *laughing at Jennifer’s leprosy comment*

    I haven’t had many people try to touch Sophia. I think it helps a lot that she cries when people get too close. ๐Ÿ˜›

    I had one person ask me if she’s not used to being with people…yeah, I keep her in the back yard with the dogs *eye roll*

  5. Wow, I can’t believe people. You know how I feel about touching others kids. It’s off limits. Maybe it’s because you were carrying him on your back that people feel safe to touch him. If it were me, I’d say something. You never know what kind of funky stuff (germs) people might have. I’m not a weird about germs only with my kid. I hope this starts getting better for you. Good luck.

  6. I wanted to scoop him up at ClumberKim’s that one day. He just begs to be touched and cuddled. He’s adorable. I’m sorry for your pain!

    You should maybe say something about him not liking to be touched. Or having a cold. I would draw the line at leperosy…

    I know, tell people he bites!



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